How to recover deleted files, photos or videos from your iPhone

Our iPhone has become essential, it is a device with which we communicate with friends and family but in which we also have our personal agenda, our personal data, our photos and videos and in many cases where we keep important documents.

Having a device like the iPhone next to us all day is certainly something really useful, but it is also a risk for all the information we keep in it. Backup copies are not always made at the right time and for some error or our system, we can lose valuable information.

But do not worry, thanks to an app called Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone you can recover anything you have deleted from your iPhone, from photos, contacts or videos to WhatsApp messages and files.

How to recover deleted files, photos or videos from your iPhone

Recover deleted files from your iPhone easily

This tool is called Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone and will allow us to recover any file that we have deleted from the iPhone. We can even access the backup copies we have made of our device in iCloud or in iTunes to find old files or that we have deleted by accident.

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This is all you can recover with Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone:

  • Photos and videos deleted from the photos app.
  • Photos in iCloud backup copies
  • Data deleted from applications.
  • Message and chats from WhatsApp or from iMessage.
  • Notes and reminders.
  • Notes see voice, contacts and call history.
  • Bookmarks Safari.
  • Appointments from the calendar

Download Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone

Recover deleted files from your iPhone is quite simple and then we show you the steps to follow. It is an app with a very simple interface that you can download to your computer, be it a Mac or a Windows PC.

Step 1: Once you download and start the app you will see a screen with different options if you want to change the language to Spanish you can do it from the settings. On the left we must select from where we want to recover the deleted data, we can do it from the iPhone, from an iTunes backup or from a copy of iCloud.

Step 2: If we want to recover the data from the iPhone we must connect it to the computer, if we want to do it from a copy of iTunes we must select it and if it is from iCloud we must identify with our Apple ID.

Step 3: Once we have selected where we want to recover the data in the central area, we choose which types of data we want to search. If we want to recover an erased image we can uncheck the rest of the options, so the scanning of the device will be faster.

Step 4: Now we just have to click Next and wait for the program to scan our device or backup in search of the deleted files. Depending on the options marked at the beginning this process will be more or less fast.

Step 5: Once the analysis is finished we can easily see what files have been found that had been deleted from our iPhone. From the. The free version we can access a preview of these files, but to download them on our device we must get an official license.

Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone is compatible with macOS systems from version 10.8 Mountain Lion to the current one and with Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7. As for compatible devices we have support for practically all iOS devices , the iPhone is compatible XS, XS Max, XR, X, 8, 7, 7s, 6s, 6 Plus, 6, 5s, 5c, 5, 4s and 4 and for all the iPad launched from the iPad mini 2 and up.

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