How to Run Multiple Instagram Accounts


If you’re anything like me, you enjoy scrolling Instagram and following your friends and favorite influencers. But companies are there too! For them, Instagram is an effective and dynamic place to promote their brand and products. If your company falls short there, the competition will leave you behind and attract all of your potential customers instead.

There is no easy way to catch up with the marketing trends on Instagram. But increasing likes and building a follower base is much faster while running multiple profiles. Here, we are going to cover what it takes to achieve this.

Why do I need multiple Instagram Accounts?

Instagram is the most popular photo and video-sharing social network today. It reaches more than 2 billion active users worldwide, according to Statista. For businesses, Instagram provides an excellent opportunity to target specific audiences. The largest of which are users under 35 years old.

Content in Instagram is organized according to topics by hashtags and geographical locations. It is a convenient feature helping to direct your posts the right way. But no matter how good at Instagramming you are, it’s a must to gather followers beforehand.

Without an active following, you’re not going to reach the wanted audience. Instagram’s algorithms prefer those posts that are already trending. So achieving good reach takes a lot of time.

At this point, multiple Instagram accounts are useful. Instagram’s rules allow one user to have up to five accounts. You can even switch between them in the app without logging out. That is a neat feature for more advanced users, but it’s not enough for businesses.

  • You’ll need many more accounts to make a difference in the number of followers or likes.
  • You want accounts logging in from many different locations. Using only the one you are based on yourself won’t be enough.
  • Having multiple profiles allows you to investigate the competition. You don’t want to use personal accounts for that.

You have to up your game for all of these tasks, and the way to do it is by automating Instagram with bots.

Instagram Bots

A social media bot is an automated software tool that can replace human activity in social networking platforms, such as Instagram. They usually imitate organic user behavior in a partially or fully automated fashion.

There are many functions these bots can accomplish, but your choice will be easier once you know the qualities most relevant to Instagram. Your primary focus should be on post scheduling in different accounts and automatic liking of posts. Secondary preferences may include analytics, audience segmentation, and a convenient dashboard.

Some bots are made with a variety of social media sites in mind. Jarvee, for example, works with Instagram effectively and is a choice of those who target many social media platforms at the same time. It’s a great way to save a buck if your campaign is not targeted at Instagram specifically.

Other bots are created specifically for Instagram. GramDominator is an excellent example of such a bot. Its functionality and layout are designed to make post scheduling, liking, and following on Instagram as easy as possible. GramDominator won’t overcrowd you with unnecessary features.

You need to be careful and not arouse suspicion while using a bot. Instagram employs advanced techniques to notice bots and bans accounts that operate them. Make sure to imitate organic user behavior:

  • While setting up accounts, complete all the information fields and don’t repeat matching details.
  • Time is the best preparation, so don’t rush to promotion right away. Make spaces after account creation and first posts.
  • Make friends and create original posts but do this at a steady pace.
  • Involve different activities and engage with the content of others. Every like for a friend is potential like back to you.

Proxies for Multiple Instagram Accounts

While the advice above is important, it might not be enough. Instagram is banning automated activity according to connection. If one IP address has too many accounts, it’s suspicious. Therefore, you need to shield your IP, and proxies are the best tool for this goal.

Proxies are like mediators between you and the worldwide web. While using them, your requests will go to the proxy server first, only later reaching the website or network. After that, the proxy server will send the required data back to you. Websites like Instagram will only see the proxy connecting, and your real IP and location will be invisible.

Instagram might ban all your accounts and delete your posts if you are not using a reliable proxy. Then you risk losing a lot of time and effort spent running multiple accounts. Most Instagram bots, including the ones mentioned previously, have a way to integrate a proxy of your choice. The ones that don’t allow trusted proxy providers are not worth your time.

Free or unreliable proxy providers are slower and less secure because many users share them at once. A good proxy provider should give you dedicated proxies. But running multiple Instagram accounts requires more features: excellent geo-targeting, reliable and rotating IPs, unlimited IP pool.

Rotating residential proxies fit this checklist the best. Their connection is identical to organic users. Unlike other types of proxies, their IP’s come from legitimate internet service providers. With residential proxies, your chances of getting caught and banned are minimal.

But the right type isn’t everything – you have to choose a trusted provider as well. Metrow is the best in the game with Instagram proxies. They don’t limit your choice of locations and the number of requests. Get a head start with a free trial provided.


Running multiple Instagram accounts might seem like a mystery to some, but it’s definitely doable. All you need is to make some preparations – choose the right bots and have a trusted proxy provider. There’s no room for doubts left – the benefits certainly outweigh the hassle.

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