In case you were wondering, yes, there is an aquatic case for the iPad Pro

There is no doubt that the iPad Pro is an evolution of the Apple tablet that falls in love. It is capable of maximizing its possibilities and allows it to be used in a multitude of work and leisure projects, all without having to turn on the computer. iPad Pro is synonymous with quality, advanced features, and power.

However, many of us do not conceive of using the iPad for outside certain environments. Personally, I would never take my iPad to the beach or the pool. We already have a case available that gives us the ability to properly protect the iPad from water. Learn more about this pair of cases brought to us by the friends of Catalyst, a top manufacturer.

iPad Pro

This is the Catalyst waterproof case for iPad Pro

Catalyst is an old acquaintance in the world of accessories manufacturing, from iPhone cases to AirPods. And it is also a company that is characterized by the robustness of its products. In fact, it makes use of military technology to manufacture them and has been awarded many times for its innovation and quality.

The iPad Pro cases of 11 and 12.9 inches are already available for pre-booking. Attention, IP68 certification, which makes it submersible at 2 meters depth for 30 minutes. We know what type of audience this product may be aimed at, perhaps to yacht owners, even though we have a high-quality case before. The prices are also vertigo, 169 euros for the model of 11 inches and 189 for the 12.9 inches.

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To make matters worse protects against impacts up to a height of 120 centimeters, and according to the manufacturer’s specifications, does not limit the usability of it. A high-end product for a high-level iPad. You can buy them from the same Catalyst page and soon they will be available in Spain and Europe.

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