Instagram slightly redesigns the interface of its profiles on iPhone

After the great redesign of Facebook, both on its website and in its mobile applications, now the company has decided to do the same with Instagram.

As announced at the F8 conference, Facebook has started the design change of its interface through a brief beta phase to small groups of users. We have had the fortune of being chosen, and we have to say that we love change.


It should be noted that this is a very small change, but very visible. From now on, user profiles have a different aspect. The number of publications, followers, and users followed has reduced its size. In addition, the buttons Follow, Follow, Edit Profile, Send messages, etc., have been repositioned under the description of the profile of each member.

This is how the new Instagram user profiles look

Previously, as you already know, the follow button was positioned just below the number of publications, followers and users followed.

Instagram your profile

Additionally, the “Following” button will appear with the text in green if that user has been added to your friend’s list. Other changes that we have found have been the arrival of the ads in the Explore category and the withdrawal of the archived stories section in the upper left corner of the profile. But do not worry, now they have their own section in the menu in the upper right corner.

But these are not the only changes that are coming around the corner of the most popular social network of photography of the moment. From Facebook, they plan to completely redesign the camera’s functions, including very interesting improvements that will provide a more complete experience to the users of the platform.

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If you still do not see the changes in your Instagram, it will most likely be updated automatically over the next few hours. Although the process could take days.

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