iOS 12.3.1 improves the battery life of the iPhone in a surprising way

Last week Apple released the iOS 12.3.1 software version for all compatible iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models. This update, mainly, was developed to correct errors and improve the stability of the operating system. Therefore, we are talking about a minor update.

But, interestingly, it is a much more interesting update than any other. And it is recently discovered that iOS 12.3.1 significantly improves the autonomy of the iPhone. That is, it provides a much longer battery life, especially on older smartphones.

battery life of the iPhone

From the YouTube channel, iAppleBytes have performed a series of tests comparing the battery capacity of different iPhone models in both iOS 12.3 and iOS 12.3.1, the results will surprise you.

Results of battery tests in iOS 12.3.1

In the image of the tests, you can see how the iPhone 6S and iPhone 8 models have barely improved the battery level. However, in the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 the battery has lasted much longer with iOS 12.3.1.

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It is true that we are not talking about a great improvement of the battery, but we must bear in mind that it is a simple software update. For what it has many merits, and it is appreciated that Apple continues to keep in mind the consumers of devices of previous generations. We are sure that many of you will be pleased to have between 15 and 30 minutes of battery per day.

You can see the complete battery test here:


On the other hand, this version of mobile software for iPhone and iPad also fixes a couple of problems related to the Messaging application, about the filtering of messages from strangers and another problem that prevented messages such as “unwanted messages” from appearing.

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