iOS 13 will allow you to save money by notifying you if you delete an app that contains subscriptions

The applications use different payment systems to stay afloat and provide their users with exclusive services or products. One of the most used in mobile is monthly subscriptions, which allow access to premium features for relatively low monthly fees, although the latter depends on each developer. The idea is that these constitute a source of stable income for the company so that they can continue to improve the service.

In the App Store, this type of subscriptions and in-app payments are very controlled. All of them must go through Apple’s payment gateway, which has caused considerable controversy in recent years because of the commissions imposed by the company. Thanks to this, Apple knows perfectly the subscriptions associated with the applications of our devices or at least those that we have acquired from iOS.

iOS 13

With iOS 13, Apple will use this information to provide reminders about the subscriptions we have contracted, so that when we try to uninstall an app with an active linked subscription, iOS will launch a warning. Quickly, and as Federico Viticci informs from Twitter, we will have the opportunity to manage our subscriptions or simply keep payments active without making any changes.

This function, although it will seem unnecessary for many, will avoid accidental recurrent payments, which in many cases are not reimbursable. Sometimes we simply assume that deleting an app and quitting it will disable all payments, or we are not sure if we have disabled it and do not know where to find the subscription settings. With this, those problems will be solved for the users of the subscriptions in iTunes.

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