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iOS 13 will make Possible to take a Screenshot of a Whole Page of a Site

Have you ever needed to take the picture of an internet page that is longer than the screen size of the device? To capture everything, you’re forced to slide the page manually and take multiple photos, then merge them into some graphics application. Boring, right?

In iOS 13, when taking a photo on an internet site, you will have the option of taking a single photo with the full extent of that page.


It is a simple functionality, nothing “revolutionary”, but very practical. To activate it, just take a picture of the screen inside Safari, and the option appears.iOS 13: How to install the Public Beta on your iPhone

The result will not be an image, but a PDF file, which can be saved in the Files app or any other cloud or application.

It’s a shame that, at least in the initial beta version, this feature is not available in other applications, such as messaging. But hopefully, with this initial step Apple, in the future it is possible to do the same and any app.

IOS 13 is currently in the testing phase and should be released to the general public only in September.

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