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iOS 13 will allow you to Remove the Location of Photos Before Sharing them

iOS 13 will allow you to Remove the Location of Photos Before Sharing them

Every time you take a photo or record a video with your iPhone or iPad, this file carries with you some information related to you, such as location coordinates.

What’s the problem? At first none, but a strange person might know his address, for example, if a photo of him taken in his room falls into her hands.

To give you more control over user privacy, iOS 13 will bring you the option of not including location in photos and videos shared by iOS.

It has long been possible to turn off the location feature on the iOS Camera before even taking the photo ( Settings> Privacy> Location Services> Camera ). However, we do not always want to do this, as this information is useful in some applications. The iOS Photos app itself likes to separate your photos by places, which is only possible if the files have the location information.

IOS 13 will allow you to disable the location of each specific photo, just for sharing. Thus, you do not have to turn off the system’s default function and keep track of your images.

When sharing a photo or video, you’ll see an options link at the top of the window.

When you tap it, you’ll see the option to remove location information from that file. This will only be applied to the image sent by the share, without changing the one that will remain in your Photo Album.

This way, you’ll be preserving more of your privacy when sharing your photos and video out there.(I.e.

IOS 13 is currently in the testing phase and should be released to the general public only in September.

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