iPhone XR And XS Will Have One Of The Best New Features Of The iPhone 11 Camera

iPhone XR And XS Will Have One Of The Best New Features Of The iPhone 11 Camera. There is no doubt that the excellent update of the iPhone 11 is reduced to the camera since the backplate can attest. Among the interesting new features demonstrated by Apple. The possibility of recording several simultaneous video streams with different sensor/lens combinations on the phones, including the selfie-snapper.

As this is really a feature of iOS 13 and Apple has also produced a dedicated API for developers to use multi-camera recording since June, it turns out we might see this option reach the iPhone XS and XR predecessors. Hell, even the iPad Pro 2018 with its camera kit will get it.

The way this will be done is through the use of third-party camera apps like Filmic. Apple even demonstrated the Pro version of the app when it announced the clipping of the iPhone 11, with what appeared to be four transmissions shot simultaneously on all cameras. Needless to say, this will not be the case on your old iPhone, but on Goldie iPhone XS or XR, as shown below by Apple’s range of multiple cameras for XS.



As you can see, only two of the cameras on the 2018 iPhones can record simultaneously with their respective quality. Apparently, developers can use the main rear and telephoto cameras for some double-edged pranks. Similar to the dual view video option that Huawei offers on the P30 Pro. They could also use the main and front cameras at the same time for your fantastic Instagram story.

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However, what they can’t do is use three cameras simultaneously, while on the iPhone 11 they can do it. But let’s imagine that this will not be a decisive factor. Since the scenarios in which you would like to have more than two simultaneous video broadcasts. However, are few and far between them.

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