Is Turbo/Fast Charge Bad for Battery?

The year 2015 has been the time of cell phones with quick charging capacities as we saw practically all real makers putting turbo/quick/fast charge abilities on their Flagship gadgets. Be that as it may, is it useful for your battery life?

Effect of quick chargers

Effect of quick chargers on battery life has for quite some time been discussed. In any case, there has never been an indisputable answer on that, much because utilization designs are so different for each user that it’s practically inconceivable come up to a definitive outcome, except if you have the assets to carefully expand the procedure for two or three months. Obviously, ordinary users like us can’t do that, or state doesn’t give much worry to it because for the customary users if the producer is giving something as an element on their gadgets, then it must be for good as it were.

Fast Charge

Be that as it may, we actually trust quick charging could adversely influence battery life on your gadget. In any case, the effect isn’t generally that much for you to think about it. In any case, if you simply need to think about your battery life over the long haul (say 2-4 years) then you should cut the occasions you charge your gadget using a turbo/quick charger.

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Turbocharging is extremely a useful element, yet if you wish to go amicable with your battery you can keep an ordinary charger around the spots you invest your most energy at so you can charge your gadget at the typical rate when you’re not in a rush.

Use your turbocharger possibly now and again when you are short on schedule and your gadget’s battery is at 20-30%. That will ensure you don’t come up short on the battery when you need your cell phone.

In any case, if you just have a turbo/quick charger with you? Then you may use a charged link for moderate charging your gadget notwithstanding when using a quick charger.

Quick charging

Quick charging requires information correspondence to the charger to have the option to quick charge your gadget. Using a charge-just link won’t give information. Correspondence between the turbo/quick charger and your gadget, so would not let quick charging happen.

Additionally, on a different note, quick chargers will in general warmth up the battery while charging. So ensure you don’t use your gadget while it’s on a quick charge. As it’s really hazardous to use a gadget when its battery is hot and charging.

If you’ve at any point run any little or substantial trial of your own to check. If quick charging is awful for battery life, then do tell us about it in the remarks segment beneath.

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