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Is Ubisoft Banning Rainbow Six Siege Players?

Is Ubisoft Banning Rainbow Six Siege Players?

Rainbow Six Siege has been out for quite a while now. It was released all the back in 2015 and over all these years. R6 has made a huge fan-base with millions of active players that are still loyal to the game after all this time. But just like any online multiplayer game, especially the competitive shooter games. R6 has been flooding with toxicity and hate speeches between the players. Which is something that made Ubisoft take an active part in cleaning the community off of players that are using hate speech in the in-game chat.

As much as some players hate this, according to Ubisoft, a new banning system is in place that works on different levels like if a player is found guilty of using hate speech against any other player, he will get banned for 30 minutes for the first-time offense and for the second time, it will be for a few hours but the repeated offense could result in a permanent ban of the account.

Ubisoft is further adding more features in R6 like chat improvement, code of conduct rules kills tracking for the team. Many more in order to polish the game experience for the new players which can potentially add years to the game’s lifespan in turn. All these features make it a great opportunity for a new player to start the game.

Is Rainbow Six Siege worth playing in 2021?

With Ubisoft working on improving the player’s experience and adding new features to the game. It is safe to say that R6 isn’t going anywhere soon. As it has gained quite a few players last year which tells us that, it is not late to join the game even in 2021. All you need is a little bit of commitment as this game has quite a hard learning curve. But you can tackle that as well by buying the services of the Pro Players and letting them do the heavy lifting for you.

You can also buy some pretty good Rainbow Six Siege account from players who’ve spent years perfecting the game. Collecting operators and maintaining a stunning record. You can get yourself a major push in the ranks with these pro accounts and save yourself all the time and efforts. Climbing the ranks (speaking from experience) could be very frustrating for any new player.

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