Mate X Has Been Completely Upgraded To Fight The Launch Of Galaxy Fold

When we saw what happened with the preview of the Galaxy Fold units sent by Samsung. Huawei concluded the launch of its collapsible Mate X. After all, if your main competitor completes his fold for five months. He would use the time to do the same and avoid any bad publicity if something goes wrong.

It seems that Huawei has used the unexpected launch gap well. To judge it by a preview of the updated phone that has just appeared. While you might have taken steps to avoid the problems of the hinge. And the top layer of the screen that plagued the fold before launching, it also completely improved the internal parts.

Samsung has now confirmed that the launch of the Galaxy Fold has been canceled at the time. The company will collect all the review samples to investigate the various failures. And states that it will start the phone once several problems have been solved. Considering how many units have already been produced, many hundreds of thousands. Most likely, it is not clear exactly how Samsung intends to repair them. Even if the company plans to repair them.

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Release Date of Mate X

The Mate X presented here is now equipped with the latest and best Huawei hardware. And some of which, like the new Kirin 990 chipset, has not yet been announced. It will be on the Mate 30 and Pro models this fall. So, it makes sense that Huawei uses it with the Mate X which will also be released in October.

On the front of the camera, Mate X has been updated to the latest P30 Pro camera kit. Complete with the exclusive RYYB pixel array layout that tilts the color profile of the images a little. But works wonders in low-profile scenarios light.

All in all, expect a real battle to fold when the Mate X is launched sometime after the Galaxy Fold. Not only will it offer more in terms of hardware. But it also has a completely different design concept that lets you use it as a normal large-screen phone when closed.

You just have to open the other side of the screen if you need even more screen canvas. Unlike the fold that has a weak secondary screen when it’s closed. Unfortunately, with all that jazz and 5G connectivity at the top, it will also be more expensive than the Fold. And there’s no chance of it being released in the US.

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