Moto G6, G6 Plus, G6 Play Android 10 update September Updates

Motorola under Lenovo isn’t a similar programming minding OEM as it was back when Moto G sets were news. You don’t conveniently get security refreshes, and the OS update in Pie was postponed a ton, as well. In any case, since Android 10 update is out, we should discuss whether and when Moto G6 will get it, and furthermore the ongoing updates discharged for the Global and Verizon Moto G6.

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Most recent news

August 29, 2019:

Motorola has reported a product update for the Moto G6 Play. The OTA improves ring usefulness and knocks the gadget’s security fix to August 2019.

August 26, 2019:

Motorola has declared an update for the Moto G6 Plus. The OTA brings September 2019 security fix, fixes known bugs, and improves by and large framework execution.

August 23, 2019:

New update from Verizon is presently taking off for its Moto G6, coming in as programming rendition PDS29.118-15-11 (System Update 5). The update brings August 2019 security fix, fixes the slacks during looking over and composing on the telephone and improves the global collaboration with the phone. Prior, Motorola had declared the August update for the opened Moto G6 sets too on its help space.

July 01, 2019:

Motorola today declared the June update for the Moto G6 in the US. Other than the most recent security patches, Motorola says the update improves the dependability of the gadget just as fix bugs.

Will Moto G6, G6 Plus, and G6 Play get Android 10 update

Motorola is never again refreshing its spending telephones in the Moto G lineup with two OS refreshes, not at all like what is utilized in the arrangement’s initial couple of years.

As the Moto G6 has just had its single OS update in Android Pie with the goal that it won’t get another OS update as Android 10 from Motorola. In any case, that is about authority Android 10 update, and clients may, in any case, get it informally, see underneath.

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Unofficial Android 10 updates

Motorola may not refresh Moto G6 to Android 10, yet all expectation isn’t lost. The Moto G6, Moto G6 Plus, and Moto G6 Power may at present get Android 10 update informally as custom ROMs as there is a superb help for the gadget in the secondary selling advancement scene.

The improvement of Android 10 custom ROMs should start sometime after Google discharges Android 10 to the AOSP as that what designers use to do their work and manufacture ROMs. In any case, it would take a couple of months before stable Android 10 ROMs are accessible that are reasonable as a day by day driver.

With everything taken into account, you may start to see Android 10 based custom ROMs beginning December 2019. However, we won’t be astounded if some keen engineers make one even before that.

Global Moto G6

Motorola is never again a similar organization that used to take off updates quickly. Those utilizing the Moto G6 won’t get month to month security refreshes. Instead, the organization might convey these updates after a time of somewhere in the range of 60 and 90 days.

Global Moto G6

Release date Software version
07 Aug 2019  August 2019 security fix
21 Mar 2019 PPS29.55-24  January 2019 security fix; Android 9 Pie update (India)
15 Feb 2019  Android 9 Pie OS update, December 2018 security fix (for Brazil as it were)
23 Jan 2019  January 2019 security fix and improved help for Android Messages
18 Oct 2018 OPSS27.82-87-3  September 2018 security update
19 Apr 2018 Android 8.0 Oreo  Pre-introduced

Verizon Moto G6

Release date Software version  Changelog
23 Aug 2019 PDS29.118-15-11  July and August 2019 security patch
10 Jul 2019 PDS29.118-15-2   April, May, and June 2019 security patch, but mainly, Android 9 Pie update
29 Mar 2019 ODSS27.104-95-6  March 2019 security patch

Global Moto G6 Plus

Release date Software version
26 Aug 2019 September 2019 security patch, bug fixes, stability improvements
15 Jul 2019 July 2019 security fixes
19 Apr 2019  February 2019 security fixes
23 Jan 2019  January 2019 security patch;  and improved support for Android Messages
08 Jan 2019  Android 9 Pie OS update (US)
31 Dec 2018  December 2018 security fix; Android 9 Pie OS update (India)
05 May 2018 OPW27.113-45 | Android 8.0  April 2018 security fixes
22 Apr 2018 OPW27.113-25 | Android 8.0  March 2018 security fix
19 Apr 2018 Android 8.0 Oreo  Pre-update

Global Moto G6 Play

Release date Software version
29 Aug 2019  Call functionality improvement, August 2019 security fixes
19 Aug 2019 PPP 29.55-35-12  June 2019 security fixes, new features: One-button navigationDigital Wellbeing, and stability improvements
14 Aug 2019  August 2019 Security fixes
10 Jul 2019 June 2019 security fixes
09 May 2019 OPPS27.91-140-6  May 2019 security fixes
18 Feb 2019 January 2019 security fixes; Android 9 Pie update (India and Brazil)
15 Nov 2018 OCP27.91-150 October 2018 security fixes
04 Oct 2018 OPP27.91-143 September 2018 security fixes
10 Jul 2018 OPP27.91-87 June 2018 security fixes
01 Apr 2018 OPP27.91-35  Pre-installed

AT&T Moto G6 Play

Release date Software version
22 Jul 2019 OCPS27.91-62-19  June 2019 security fixes
23 Apr 2019 OCPS27.91-62-16  March 2019 security fixes
30 Jan 2019 OCPS27.91-62-13 January 2019 security fixes
29 Nov 2018 OCPS27.91-62-10  November 2018 security fixes
05 Sep 2018 OCPS27.91-62-3  July 2018 security fixes
01 May 2018 OCP27.91-62  Pre-update

Sprint Moto G6 Play

Release date Software version
30 Jan 2019 OCPS27.91-150-4  January 2019 security fixes
29 Nov 2018 OCPS27.91-150-2  November 2018 security fixes
25 Oct 2018 OCP27.91-150  October 2018 security fixes
05 Sep 2018 OCPS27.91-23-3  July 2018 security fixes
01 May 2018 OCP27.91-23  Pre-update

Verizon Moto G6 Play

Release date Software version
16 Jul 2019 PDP29.118-38  June 2019 security patch; Android 9 Pie OS, and GPS accuracy improvements
17 Apr 2019 ODPS27.91-106-4-8  February 2019 security fixes
29 Jan 2019 ODPS27.91-106-4-6  January 2019 security fixes
28 Nov 2018 ODPS27.91-106-4-4  November 2018 security fixes
10 Oct 2018 ODPS27.91-106-4-2  September 2018 security fixes
04 Sep 2018 ODP27.91-106-4 July 2018 security fixes
19 Apr 2018 ODP27.91-24-2  Pre-update

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