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New Colors of the iPhone XR 2019 are Revealed

New Colors of the iPhone XR 2019 are Revealed

Last week the Mac Otakara medium revealed the information that Apple could choose to change two of the current colors of this device for Green and Lavender instead of Coral and Blue.

This decision is being questioned because according to studies Coral color is one of the most popular iPhone XR.

New Colors of the iPhone XR 2019 are Revealed

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg tweeted the photo above and seems to confirm Macotakara’s report on the new color. The red option (PRODUCT) will also be available, although the glass is not shown in the photo.

Colors of the new iPhone XR

Apple could still change its mind about the color line, but production in the new units should begin within the next month. The production moldings of the new iPhone 2019  have already begun to appear, revealing some major changes in the design.

One of the main reasons for the success of the iPhone XR is its range of colors. Beyond the gold, silver, and black of the XS, the range of the XR has up to 6 different colors: white, black, blue, yellow, coral and red.

New Colors of the iPhone XR 2019 are Revealed

Although the glass looks more frozen and less vibrant than current models of iPhone XR, it is likely that there is a diffuse layer of color behind the glass to make it more colorful. The back of the glass makes the tones brighter.

New design

The rumors suggest that this new equipment in addition to having a new color will arrive with a  double camera to improve the photographic quality and an incredible OLED screen.

Apple is expected to present the iPhone XR 2019, probably with a different name than this fall. It is expected that other features that are rumored include a rear camera with two lenses, improved front camera, faster processor and much more.

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