Nokia dominates Android updates with Most of its phones running Android Pie

A new report from Counterpoint Research demonstrates that with regards to Android refreshes. Most of Nokia phones in the market is running Andriod pie. Nokia stands out. Be that as it may, it’s imperative to take note of this report covers the best ten Android producers. In that capacity, brands like

  • OnePlus,
  • Essential
  • Google

are forgotten about — in spite of every one of them have great track records with regards to refreshes.

The discoveries of the report found that almost 96% of Nokia telephones sold since Q3 of 2018 are running Android Pie, putting Nokia in the lead position. The remainder of the best five is adjusted by

  • Samsung
  • Xiaomi
  • Huawei
  • Lenovo

Tragically, LG is sitting right back at the eighth spot with an embarrassingly low 16% of its telephones running Android Pie.


Not exclusively is Nokia number one with regards to refreshing its telephones, yet it likewise positions as the quickest to do as such. The Counterpoint Research diagram demonstrates that Nokia has moved quicker than some other of the best ten brands at pushing out the Android Pie update.

Nokia Android

Lenovo and Samsung

The diagram likewise puts Lenovo in second for speed, and Samsung comes in third. The two brands fall a long way behind Nokia with regards to the number of telephones they refreshed inside a time of Android Pie’s discharge.

The reasons different brands fall behind Nokia boil down to a few primary reasons

  • One of them is that different brands have a more significant arrangement of gadgets.
  • Another factor is that these brands center more around supporting lead models, while regularly leaving the mid-range or passage level telephones behind with regards to refreshes.

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That is one region that Nokia has exceeded expectations, but on the other hand, it’s imperative to take note that a large number of Nokia’s telephones are a piece of the Android One program which ensures two years of updates.

Nokia Android


Updates are winding up increasingly more significant nowadays. With the vast majority of us have our whole lives on our telephones, including delicate data like our financials. Significantly, we have the most forward-thinking security. And this shouldn’t be held for just lead or even mid-extend telephones. Safety is vital for everybody at all value levels. It’s decent to realize that in any event, Nokia is doing what it can to offer excellent programming support for the majority of its telephones.

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Nokia is a gamechanger for its users. It is giving the latest Android updates to its users. These updates include security fixes and other features. These updates help improve smartphone performance. While other smartphone brands are unable to deliver timely updates. That is a big concern for there users.

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