OnePlus admits the 7 Pro camera crazy DxO scores

The OnePlus community of phone lovers is as devoted about the brand as those of a lot bigger and progressively popular. The unorthodox informal marketing that it began with, the devotion to software that makes it a champion. The value for money hardware, made OnePlus a power to be reckoned with in the span of few short years.

There is just a single dark stain in this heretofore bright image – the camera capacities of OnePlus phones. Even the company recognizes they are not up to par with the best out there now. The company’s product manager Zack Zhang, notwithstanding, accused the error for miscommunication.

The OnePlus 7 Pro, for example, got extremely high score on the disputable DxOMark tests and it shipped with a similar firmware. He states, but people clearly preferred their photos livelier than “natural.” According to him, that is the reason they started complaining about the actual camera output in their daily shots:



When people began getting the gadget, software which gave us great evaluations, didn’t match their expectations. The photo needs to be natural and good in theory, but visually appealing as well. We didn’t do a good job at balancing those two aspects.


Shockingly, this might not be as much because OnePlus differs from Google, Huawei, Samsung or Apple’s mobile photography efforts rationally. However it is extremely difficult to draw off a decent computational photography algorithm without having Google or Apple’s imaging databases.

Indeed, even by our own benchmarks, the camera isn’t the place we need it to be. We’re attempting to improve our picture quality to coordinate the best in the market.

The great OnePlus camera improvement push is coming in the form of a directive from CEO to dig in and show something for the photography efforts.  It will be similar with what Google or Huawei are doing, however with the OnePlus imaging philosophy connected. While the sheer contrast of opinions what constitutes a good photo may prevent it from hitting it, it matters, too.

OnePlus has obviously set up another camera lab that mechanizes testing, and has increased it. with genuine clients enrolled from everywhere throughout the world that give their fair supposition on the consequences. It still has far to go if it needs to get up to speed with the huge camera. However at any rate it is recognizing the issue and attempting to take care of business the correct way. By moving up its sleeves and breaking on those difficult to do HDR and night modes.

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