The Best Plex Alternatives You Should Try This Year

Plex Alternatives

Plex is actually one of the best Media servers to save pictures, videos, and music on smartphones or PCs. Even though there is a lot of video and music streaming apps available, however, these Media server apps are here. The media server apps can easily manage files, and you can also create your own Netflix along with the help of the customization tool. Create your library and also organize it well. In this article, we are going to talk about The Best Plex Alternatives You Should Try This Year. Let’s begin!

The best Plex alternatives should also be able to stream video and information services as well. Of course, your personal interests are most important here right: Netflix and YouTube are more widely supported than other services due to their popularity. But, if you are not interested in these mainstream platforms. Then streaming links will be irrelevant to you as a user actually.

It is thus advisable to check the additional features in advance (mostly available as optional add-ons). That can be used as a respectable alternative to Plex as well. It is also important that the selected media management option permits multiple devices to access the library at the same time. If you guys want to enjoy a film while a roommate or a family member is streaming music. Then your chosen Plex alternative must always be usable via several people at the same time.

The Best Plex Alternatives You Should Try This Year

In addition to the range of functionscost as well as compatibility play a really important role whenever it comes to choosing the best media center. The latter does not really just deal with which systems the media center should be created on. But it is also about what platforms you guys can access the media center from. You should also consider how up-to-date the Plex alternative is whenever making your decision. Because many media centers are interconnected with web services, timely updates to close security holes are specifically important.

In order to make finding a suitable Plex alternative easier. Here are some really interesting examples of the best media centers and a guide to their advantages and disadvantages as well.


Kodi is also Known as XBMC, this is a software solution that actually works as an entertainment hub and as a computer media player for open source and also free cross platforms. It could be a handy digital media source for home theatre PCs and one of Plex’s free options too.


This software media solution also offers many hardware platforms and operating systems along with compatibility. Kodi offers all of the key elements of a good media center. Then you can easily organize and play all your media content through a UI, that supports a variety of audio, video, and photo formats.

Personal slideshows make your photos more enjoyable. Complete customization is also another worthy function. This implies that you guys can add more personification to the app in order to suit your needs. The main strength of Kodi is that the software is autonomous of the platform actually. You can choose the add-on to bring not only cool personalization into the mix. However, also change the way you manage your media, depending on your needs.

It is available for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Amazon Fire TV, and much more.


Well, if there is a media server app in most respects that can match Plex, then it must be “Emby“. The feature of auto-organization guarantees that you guys do not have to spend any time maintaining your media in the correct order.

Well, the best part about it is just to convert your media automatically in real-time so you guys can stream it seamlessly on any device. It also does an amazing job when it comes to handling DVR actually. The app keeps you updated along with immediate alerts whenever any significant activities take place. In order to maintain you in the loop with all the significant actions.

Such as PlexEmby also has a super useful parental control function that permits you to control what kind of material your kids have access to. Additionally, you’ll also be able to maintain a tab on your session so your media watching will never go beyond constraints.


Multiple platform assistance and also seamless cloud synchronization further enrich its reputation as one of the best options for Plex too. Do not permit the free tier not to allow you in order to access all the characteristics. And you’ll have to head to Emby Premiere at $4.99/month in order to unlock all the pro characteristics.

It actually supports the mentioned platform: – Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Web, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, NAS Devices.

Universal Media Player | Plex Alternatives

Universal Media Player is one of the most trusted platforms for all your media files as well as libraries currently. It has been used via users all over the world for ages with utmost reliability. This is actually a DLNA, UPnP, and HTTP/S Media Server. You may not like the shady interface though because it lacks the design that everyone loves while using any such software.

However, if you are into quality this is something you can skip out whenever speaking of the best plex alternatives. One of the main reasons that folks prefer this media server is the reason. That it also has tons of device support that you guys may not find on any of the platforms.

In fact, also even Plex does not support these many devices as opposed to Universal Media Server. Some of the most famous ones are PS4, XBOX 360, Realtek media players, and loads of others listed on their official sites as well.

This media server is also capable of streaming or transcoding video, audio, and image formats. Along with little or no configuration. Because we already mentioned that all of it is free of cost and the fact. That it actually supports DLNA devices makes it even more likable and user-friendly.

Media Portal

Media Portal app operates as a versatile entertainment hub that also plays a key role in managing media as well as tracking the whole library. And with so many media organizational instruments placed in place, it also offers the much-needed comfort to handle a lot of files just like Plex.

If you’ve got to handle a multitude of media files, then that’s precisely what you’d like to maintain your things in tune along with your requirements. Because of the compatibility with tons of media formats, Media Portal excels on the streaming front as well.

That’s not all, it’s also intended to work along with plugins that can take both the required effectiveness into your file management and helpful customization as well. It is available for Windows, Android, Web platforms.


Would you guys ever like your private Netflix? If yes, then you may find “Streama” an intelligent pick. The app has a really impressive user interface and includes a player-inspired via Netflix. You can also browse your whole collection rapidly and arrange the files according to your particular taste.

Streama can also offer Plex a run for his cash when it comes to organizing media and giving maximum freedom. There is also an “Episode Browser” that can assist you to easily accessing and maintaining a tab on your episodes.

It demonstrates all of your films lately watched and turns on you to begin from where you left off as well. I like this function a lot as it makes keeping watching after an interval a bit easier. It is available for Windows, Linux, and Android platforms.

OSMC | Plex Alternatives

Open Source Media Center or OSMC is actually a free and open-sourced media hub to sort out all your content. It is based on Linux, however, if you have no idea how to work on it, this is not so difficult. Furthermore, the setup and installation are really easy, simply follow the instructions as given. You guys may not find any remote application for your smartphones, however, it is compatible with Windows and macOS.

To enjoy OSMC, Vero 4K is actually the flagship device so that you can experience the best purpose of the OSMC media hub along with an excellent result. As we had said the interface is really easy to use and understand as well. No special training or instructions are needed in order to learn anything on the way. Also, since it is an open-source media hub, you guys are free to contribute your ideas and use the code as well available for everyone.


As the developer had noted that the installation of this software also has been made very easy. And then you can download it on your system within minutes. In fact, all the updates and bug fixes are provided immediately. So that you guys can enjoy the application along with ease. It is capable of playing all major formats and also supports each and every device.


Just simply put, a well-known media server app has long been called “Serviio.” And if you guys want your entire media in one place to be perfectly organized, then you can’t go wrong with it.

The app also performs the reliable task of streaming media files like music, videos, and also even images on your linked homework to supported devices. Such as TV, Bluray player, games console, and smartphones as well. More importantly, it also promotes Alexa abilities, so you guys can use the intelligent virtual assistant to stream media.

By incorporating different streaming services, Serviio gives not only an outstanding overview of when and where content is accessible, however, also a good price comparison. Keep in mind that the free version of the app will not permit you to access content from anywhere, which is somewhat deceptive.

And to break the free tier’s constraints, you’ll have to invest $25. It is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, NAS Devices.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this “Plex Alternatives” article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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