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PUBG is Finally Lose the Powerful Chinese Market

All PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds approval issues uncovered.

PUBG is Finally Lose the Powerful Chinese Market

One of the strengths of Tencent’s strategy was to release PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in China. Probably the most succulent market for a title of these characteristics of all Asia, and an authentic disproportion in terms of PC users. Unfortunately, they will not be able to do so and, in fact, they will interrupt the global testing version they had been offering from PUBG.

The reason is that they have been awaiting the approval of the extremely rigid Chinese regulatory bodies for one year. Finally, and surrendering, they have decided that they will not release the game for sale. As is logical, the final step that they lacked.

The game was going to come out in China with a socialist facelift.

In November 2017 they announced their intention to launch the game in that country, with what the Reuters agency describes as “a socialist facelift” to enter the strict videogame standards that can be released in that region. Until now, they had only available these test and test versions that, finally, should also be interrupted.

Apparently, analysts say that this early version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds had worked quite well and that they had been largely responsible for Tencent’s commercial success in the second half of the year. The intention of Tencent now would be to migrate the user base achieved by the Battle Royale to Game for Peace, a title of a different aesthetic profile but of a similar style.

“The testing phases of PUBG officially conclude on May 8. We thank everyone for the support they have given us so far,” say the spokespersons of Tencent Holdings Ltd.

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