Review: Is Putlocker Safe Or Legal To Use?

Putlocker connects users to online media streams and enables them to watch a huge range of TV shows or movies. But do you know if Putlocker is legal or not? If you don’t know then stay with us till the end!

Different countries consider sites such as Putlocker to be in breach of copyright law and users can therefore face consequences. For this reason, we advise users to take the necessary steps to secure their online privacy and hide their identity while using the site.

However, when the site links to external streams there might be a chance of users falling victim to malware, viruses, and other security threats using those links. Users should therefore also take sensible online security instructions while using the site.

The important and reliable online security or privacy tool we would recommend to everyone is to employ while using Putlocker is a VPN, that can hide your online identity and secure you from security threats simply by encrypting your online data.

What is Putlocker?

Putlocker is a site that holds an online index of hosted media files. It includes TV shows, movies, and music. However, the site itself can’t host any content that users can stream, but it also enables users to view and access files that are hosted elsewhere.

However, with the increase in users, that peaked in 2016, with putlocker being ranked as one of the top most-viewed sites on the network. Also, the top 150 in the USA, also led to putlocker getting identical unwanted attention.

Many attempts have been made to take putlocker close down or blocked over the years, which has seen the site URL modifying many times.

They first moved to, but the website was in control of the UK’s  Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit. But in October 2016, this URL has just shown an error message. As it happens around the time when the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) reported the site to the US Trade Office. then again started working, forwarding users to, but this website was also rapidly seized after a ruling by a Tribunal d’arrondissement of Luxembourg.

Why is Putlocker Essential?

The method in which people consider media has modified beyond all recognition in the last five years. The pouring days the TV listings to check when the shows you like to watch are on and moving down to Blockbuster on a Friday night to take your favorite movie are now firmly in the past.

Today, we take all our media online. An instant glance at the music charts displays that almost every entry in the list is dominated by streams. Many and many TV shows are being launched whole series when online. Also, online streaming services are also authorizing their own shows nowadays days.


It looks like the latest streaming sites offer the best solution for everyone. There is just one major issue and that is the price. But all the streaming sites charge a fee to access their content.

For those who just want to watch things occasionally or like one or two shows, it looks like they waste their money and pay the full subscription fee.

Then there is the geographic limitation. These restrictions are put on these services. It means if you are a subscriber in one country, you can’t access any content in another country. More people are traveling for work or traveling to spend vacations.

So it is globally available that stream all the amazing media you like to access on these subscription sites. And one of the most popular of these is known as Putlocker.

Is Putlocker Legal or Illegal?

Well, it is a very difficult question to answer that.

Many countries, like the UK, USA, and the EU, and ISPs within those countries can consider Putlocker to be a website that is in breach of copyright law. It is not odd for ISPs to send out copyright violation notices to those who watch movies and TV shows on Putlocker.

This is because users watch media on Putlocker. If you are taking in a TV show through Putlocker, you are streaming content that is hosted elsewhere besides installing content onto your device. This is due to the US Copyright Office has been clear in their direction that if a reproduction can’t be copied or communicated, then no legal infringement has occurred.

Putlocker illegal

However, some legal experts would say that streaming content can’t leave the person watching it in violation of the law. The user who is uploaded the file is the one who is responsible for it and therefore in violation of copyright law.

Keep in mind that streaming content is not that easy as just watching it on a website. In some situations, online streaming creates a temporary file on the user’s PC. These temporary files are disputed. In another region where the law in the USA and the EU are yet to reach an agreement. Some courts have ordered that these files constitute a download and therefore leave a user in violation of copyright laws. So we can’t say whether it is legal or not.

While streaming content and can be sure that files are not being saved on your device. Then you are most likely not violating the law. But keep in mind that don’t install, upload, or share any content from that site.

Is Putlocker Safe or Secure?

Those who regularly use Putlocker is that it is. One feedback site claims that 79% of users found the site to be safe while 73% also felt it was a site trustworthy for children to use. But we all know that for a site that links to such a huge range of content, it is quite good and beats lots of closest competitors.

Putlocker safe

Certainly, Putlocker can present different security problems that users should at least be aware of.


Initially, it is very important to talk about Malware. Putlocker can’t host the content that users are watching and therefore can’t be legal.

Also, if you are streaming a movie, it is the case that it might download or install some temp files in your system. Also, it is possible that malware and other harmful content could be transmitted as well.

You must look at content feedback on the page and take the necessary steps to secure themselves from these threats.

Mirror Sites

Putlocker can modify URLs fairly frequently. However, there are many addresses that users will find claiming to be Putlocker.

Some addresses are old and can no longer work. But some are fake addresses that have been set up by hackers just to try and attract Putlocker users and then trick them into installing malware and other harmful software. Many of these sites are quite similar to the real thing. But some sites can stream content in the same way.


One common issue about Putlocker is that it generates many pop-up adverts. So that site operators make money from it. But they are quite irritating and at worst harmful.

There are prior reports of Putlocker pop-ups leading to adult sites, dodgy sites, and sites that are harmful. The best trick to counter this is to enable a pop-up blocker as well as the usual security software.

Forced Redirecting

After pop-ups, there are many reports of Putlocker links redirecting users to external sites. Also, some sites contained harmful content to users.

For pop-ups, the software usual security can easily stop these sites from opening.

Unnecessary Installation Or Downloading

Some users have also claimed that Putlocker can try to persuade or force users to download tools unnecessarily.

Downloading any content from Putlocker is an illegal act. But all you need to do is to download more than just the media files you like to watch.

The software usual security try to stop any harmful content from installing and activating. But we recommend Putlocker users to refrain from downloading or installing any content from the site.

Use Security Tools With Putlocker

security tools

Firstly, there are many tools that you can use for security purposes and to address the potential safety problems we have discussed above. They are:

Anti-Virus Software

Anti-virus software is an amazing tool for all internet users these days. Also, the tool is important for those who make use of sites like Putlocker. Because there are chances of Malware and other harmful software being installed from the site, it is essential to have a tool that can check files and stop them running on your device.


The most annoying thing around is unwanted or unnecessary adverts. So having a good ad-blocker executing on the site should keep these to a minimum.

Pop-Up Blocker

Another most annoying thing around is pop-up adverts on Putlocker. So all you need is an effective pop-up blocker that can be used to stop this annoying issue from affecting your device.

With those three tools in place, you can use Putlocker very safely and less annoying experience.

Use VPN For Putlocker

For security purposes, the VPN plays an important role. VPN translates your data. It can then passes it to a private proxy server, where it is decoded and then sent back to its original destination labeled with a new IP address. Using a private connection and masked IP, no one tells about your identity.

Staying safe on the Wi-Fi is like many people are getting concerned about. While ISPs tracking and selling user information, governments notice citizens and hackers searching for any weakness they can exploit. This is also an issue when it comes to streaming videos using Putlocker. The software set off red flags on all industry thanks to its many third-party add-ons that source pirated content. ISPs react by monitoring Kodi user traffic and also strangling download speeds.


The best VPN can helps to keep you safe on all the above threats. VPNs also encrypt chunks of data before they leave your device. However, making it impossible for anyone to take your identity or view what you’re installing. This base level of security is amazingly powerful for a lot of tasks. It includes breaking through censorship firewalls, accessing geo-restricted content, and making your portable devices safe on public Wi-Fi.

If you want to find the best VPN for Putlocker, you should meet the important criteria, each one essential to your online streaming experience.

  • High-speed downloads – Some VPNs are not fast and slower than unencrypted network connections. If you want to compensate, you want a service that puts a priority on speed.
  • Large server network – While operating lots of servers, the more options you’ll have when it comes to fast and reliable worldwide connections.

Express VPN:

ExpressVPN is the market leader right now, and you can have it for free if you follow today’s guide. No, we are not pulling a fast one, it is entirely possible to make use of ExpressVPN’s blazing-fast encrypted network without paying a dime.

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ExpressVPN also offers 256-bit AES encryption with multiple protocols, so your information is not only scrambled and hidden from prying eyes, but you will also be able to make the tweaks that are sometimes necessary to beat tough blocks and censorships. A zero-logging policy ensures that none of your activity is recorded anywhere. You can also use P2P networks and torrent limitlessly. A DNS leak test and automatic kill switch, among other features, complete the package.


  •  Unblocking Netflix USA, iPlayer, Amazon Prime
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  •  Keeps no logs of personal data
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  •  Priced slightly higher.


Putlocker is a website that is not reliable, but with precautionary measures, it is an excellent site to use. And after following the tips in this guide, and using ExpressVPN while accessing the site, you can enjoy hours of trouble-free media content, for totally free. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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