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Reward From OnePlus Phone For Completing Digital Detox Challenges

Your OnePlus phone will reward you for completing digital detox challenges. OnePlus phone brings a new update to Zen Mode, its dedicated digital wellbeing application on OxygenOS. The updated version is now available on the OnePlus 7 series of phones.

Now we were easily accessing the new update on the OnePlus 7. It brings different challenges for OnePlus users.

Our first challenge is a 21-day Zen Transformation. In this challenge, you can use Zen Mode for 21 consecutive days. No need to cut yourself off from the world for almost a month. You just need to switch off for a few hours every day.

To enable Zen Mode to set a daily time-framed. Once set, it cannot be changed. If you left your phone for 21 days you’ll win a special award for yourself. OnePlus challenge takes 21 days to develop a habit.

If you don’t want a 21-day challenge. Updated Zen Mode offers you seven-day and 14-day challenges for your ease. But, you’ll have to sleep early to complete the challenge. Change your routine if you want to get a medal.

OnePlus is going to introduce some other interesting Zen Mode challenges soon. You just need to check the “Coming Soon” hexagon with a question mark.

Besides these, Zen Mode also offers some UI optimizations and bug fixes in this update.

Beyond Zen Mode:

OnePlus’ Zen Mode is just one of the best app as compared to others. They help you to cut off from the virtual world. One of the most proffered apps is ActionDash.

The ActionDash app has the same features as Google’s Digital Wellbeing.

In Addition, Instagram and Facebook now allow you to check how much time you spend on the apps. You can go into the settings of any social media app to access your activity details, including time spent on the apps.

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