Samsung could demand that Apple pay a fine for not buying enough iPhone screens

The South Korean multinational Samsung would be considering requesting that Apple pay a multi-million dollar fine for breaching the contract signed by both to provide OLED screens to the iPhone.

According to the Asian manufacturer, the reduction in sales of the flagship terminal of Cupertino led to the multinational lost millions invested in the construction of an exclusive plant for the manufacture of these OLED screens.

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However, Apple proposed to Samsung to use some of those screens for the manufacture of other products, such as the next 16-inch MacBook Pro or the new generation of iPad Pro, but everything seems to indicate that the South Koreans will try to pay the penalty fee.

Samsung’s OLED screens embarrass Apple

The iPhone X of the tenth anniversary was the first of Apple’s smartphones to have OLED screens provided by Samsung. The South Korean manufacturer is the largest provider of these panels, so in Cupertino had no choice but to finalize an agreement with them.


However, from that moment and until this part, both companies have had a love-hate relationship and, now, everything seems to indicate that the mood is going to tighten up a bit more: Samsung would be demanding that Apple comply with its agreement and pay a fine for not requesting the stipulated amount.

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As detailed in the ET News portal, Samsung is upset that Apple is not ordering enough iPhone screens. This caused the profits fell and, in addition, that the plant A3 constructed for the manufacture of the screens was reduced in up to 50%.

That’s why Samsung wants the US company to pay a multi-million dollar fine. Although, as detailed by MacRumors, Apple made a counterproposal that consists of using these screens for new products of the company, such as the new generation of MacBook Pro and iPad Pro

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