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Screen shots are Filtered on Dark Mode in iOS 13

We are getting closer and closer to Apple revealing new operating systems. We have come forward and brings us an exclusive, the first screenshots about the dark mode in iOS 13. It may be possible to activate it from the Settings section or from the Control Center to do it quickly. Within the exclusive, some interesting details are also shown.

Dark mode in iOS 13 with attractive changes

Dark mode in iOS 13 with attractive changes

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Of the first captures that you will be able to appreciate, the changes begin. First, the Dock where the four main applications are displayed shows a black background color. We can probably enjoy this change when Apple us to know the new wallpapers, as is a custom in every iOS release.

Apple Music is one of the first to notice good changes. The filtered capture shows an app without design change but with a deep black background, where white and red letters highlight the text of the app.

Following the small details, when making a screenshot it is possible to make some changes. Part of the news is that the drawing interface has changed. Changes are shown in the design of the pencil, eraser, down, etc. 

Changes in some native apps

A new design was leaked in the Reminders app, an app that was probably being neglected by Apple. In the iPad, you can better notice the change since now the categories are organized by tables where the content comes in a side part in the remaining space the information is displayed.

Another important detail is that the apps “Search my iPhone” and “Search for friends” will be unified into one and will be called “Find Me” (We do not know the name so far in Spanish). The icon shows a design change, which takes its essence from the app “Find my iPhone” by showing a small blue circle on a radar. It is said that upon entering the app shows a map that covers almost the entire screen, and a small section where you can see friends or family that we have included to know your location.

These details are what the people of 9to5Mac have been able to know. Next week we will know this information in depth, WWDC 2019 begins next Monday, June 3.

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