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The name of macOS 10.15, Mammoth is revealed

The name of macOS 10.15, Mammoth is revealed

Just days of the next Apple Keynote, much has been talked about iOS 13 on iPad and iPhone, also from WatchOS, but little has been talked about macOS, which perhaps is technically the least important of the system, but at a level of professional user is perhaps the most expected and important: when talking about the name of macOS 10.15. A few that we see the name revealed, and as always every year, we have already seen some of those possible names that may have the successor of macOS 10.14 Mojave.

The name of macOS 10.15, Mammoth is revealed

The four main names for macOS are the following:

  • Mammoth , a natural area of ​​lakes in eastern California.
  • Monterey , a small coastal town 200km south of San Francisco.
  • Rincon , a popular area among surfers in Southern California.
  • Skyline , probably referring to a road with views of Silicon Valley from its western mountains.

Intellectual rights, was the clue

The list of the four names are the most likely for a simple reason: they are the only names left over from a group of 19 names whose rights were bought by Apple. Of the four mentioned, Mammoth is the most likely since the trademark registration has recently been changing from the hand of one of the ghost companies that Apple usually uses in these cases.

We must remember that all these are rumors, because it may be possible for Apple to surprise us with another name that does not appear on this list and has managed to dodge the leaks. It’s just the name, but at the end of the day it’s the one we’re going to use during the next fifteen months to be able to refer to that version of macOS that we already have almost around the corner.

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