Sony’s 2019 TV lineup: a 98-inch 8K LED | Cost more than a Corvette

We knew 8K TVs would be costly, yet we never figured they could be this costly. Sony has discharged estimating and accessibility data on its whole 2019 TV lineup, and keeping in mind that there are a lot of aggressively priced choices to be amped up for (will they be the best TVs of 2019?), the organization’s immense 98-inch 8K LED/LCD TV isn’t one of them.

On the whole, Sony is coming to showcase with six different arrangement of TVs containing 17 sizes running from 43-inch to 98-inch and everything in the middle. Each TV from Sony this year will run Android TV and bolster Apple AirPlay 2 and Homekit (through update coming to this mid-year).

Sony 2019 TV lineup

We see some commonplace highlights returning, including Sony’s X1 Ultimate picture handling chip on premium models, Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision backing, and Netflix Calibrated mode (for what it’s value), while IMAX Enhanced makes a big appearance as the most recent marked component.

Every one of the 6 arrangement satisfies a different need, so right away, here’s the lineup beginning with the most costly (and somewhat ludicrous) to the most moderate and reasonable of the group.

Sony Master Series Z9G 8K HDR TV

Sony Master Series Z9G 8K HDR TV

I won’t make you hold up anymore. The 98-inch Z9G 8K TV is $70,000. That is … soak. What’s all the more surprising, in any case, is that the 85-inch model is simply $13,000. That is as yet a lord’s payment for a TV, however, it is difficult to accommodate the $57,000 difference in price more than 13 slanting inches. I’m visiting Sony this week for a very close take a gander at a portion of these new TVs and will request some knowledge around the price difference, then update this article with what I realize. For the present, how about we investigate what you get with Sony’s 8K lead.

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The Z9G, alongside a few different TVs recorded here, is furnished with Sony’s X1 Ultimate processor, which is key considering this TV will depend intensely on upscaling. Until 8K content is all the more promptly accessible, Sony’s 8K TVs will be upscaling lower goals substance to help fill every one of the 33 million pixels in plain view. Since upscaling is a handling concentrated occupation, it makes sense Sony would put its speedster processor in its 8K TVs. Strikingly, it is a similar processor found in a portion of Sony’s 4K TVs, in which we have discovered it works admirably — so great, indeed, that we gave it a Best Tech of CES grant in 2018. We should trust that, alongside Sony’s Backlight Master Drive innovation and full-exhibit nearby diminishing, the handling carries out its responsibility all around ok to make a persuading 8K picture.

  • 85-inch model: $13,000. Accessible in June
  • 98-inch model: $70,000. Accessible in June

Sony Master Series A9G 4K OLED TV

Sony Master Series A9G 4K OLED TV

Sony makes a shocking OLED TV, and the A9G will be Sony’s most intricate yet. As the Master Series identification infers, these OLED TVs will profit by the previously mentioned X1 Ultimate processor and an incredibly slim profile. Maybe most energizing is the TVs Acoustic Surface Audio Plus, which alludes to the way that the TV’s screen itself makes the sound — there are no traditional speakers, spare the subwoofer driving in the back that makes a bass for a verifiably full, hearty sound. The current year’s OLED has more actuators vibrating the screen, so we are expecting much higher execution than in earlier years.

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The A9G likewise sports Netflix Calibrated Mode and — new during the current year — IMAX Enhanced mode with DTS sound, which I presently can’t seem to encounter firsthand.

  • 55-inch: $3,500. Accessible in May
  • 65-inch: $4,500. Accessible in May
  • 77-inch: $8,000. Accessible in May



While this progression down from the ultra-premium Master Series is more affordable, it gives off an impression of being the OLED TV most Sony fans will need to purchase. Sony flaunts its X1 Ultimate processor once more, this time featuring what the organization calls object-based HDR to remaster, alongside 4K HDR Super Bit Mapping and double database preparing.

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We’re intrigued to figure out how a portion of these new preparing advances will influence picture quality and whether the impacts will result in unrivaled picture quality. What we do know for certain is that the A8G OLED additionally offers Acoustic Surface Audio, yet without the “in addition to.”

  • 55-inch: $2,500. Accessible in May
  • 65-inch: $3,500. Accessible in May

Sony X950G 4K TV

Sony X950G 4K TV

This is the arrangement I presume most resolute Sony fans without a little fortune in reserve funds will incline toward if a redesign is likely to work out this year. The X950G utilizes the X1 Ultimate processor, by and by, alongside what Sony calls X-Wide edge, which alludes to the TV’s improved off-point picture quality. This arrangement will offer IMAX upgraded mode and Netflix Calibrated mode alongside Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support. Everything a TV devotee needs is here, including a wide cluster of sizes extending to 85 inches.

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Note: No accessibility dates have accommodated these choices (aside from the 85-inches), so we assume they will be accessible right away.

  • 55-inch: $1,400
  • 65-inch: $2,200
  • 75-inch: $3,500
  • 85-inch: $5,000

Sony X850G 4K HDR TV

Sony X850G 4K HDR TV

This is an unusual model in Sony’s lineup as it by and by just arrives in an 85-inch model and does not have a ton of the Netflix Calibrated-this and IMAX Enhanced-that seen with the upper-level TVs. This TV gets the standard X1 processor and some stable improvement from uncommonly situated tweeters. My best speculation is Sony is attacking making a premium 85-inch TV increasingly moderate and is featuring this size for the time being. Sony’s site does, in any case, show 55-, 65-, and 75-inch variations in progress. I simply don’t have the foggiest idea the amount they will be or when they will be accessible for procurement.

  • 85-inch: $3500

Sony X800G 4K HDR TV

At long last, we go to Sony’s entry point into its everything premium TV methodology. We see the most screen-measure choices here alongside minimal gloating by Sony. As well as can be expected tell is that this TV has extended shading and great 4K upscaling. The rest I’ll need to uncover some time in the not too distant future.

  • 43-inch: $650
  • 49-inch: $750
  • 55-inch: $900
  • 65-inch: $1,200
  • 75-inch: $2,000

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