That’s right, and that’s exactly how the dark mode of iOS 13 works

The first beta of iOS 13 includes many new features and among them, we have the dark mode, although it is still not perfect, this new model of Apple is something more than a simple scale of gray tones. The dark mode of iOS 13 and iPadOS affects the entire interface, including wallpapers.

To know a little better how exactly the dark mode that Apple has included in iOS 13 and iPadOS, we are going to tell you all the secrets that it hides, how it is configured and in what applications it is, at the moment, available.

iOS 13 Dark mode

This is the dark mode of iOS 13 and iPadOS

The new dark mode is a feature that is present in both iOS 13 and iPadOS, so all devices compatible with these updates can use this new mode that will darken the interface.

The new dark mode is an interface formed by several layers in dark tones. The background is completely black, which will make the OLED screens consume less, and the rest of the layers are arranged from darker grays to lighter grays. All system applications are updated to this dark mode, Contacts, Messages, Notes, System Settings, even folders, dock, menus and buttons, everything is adapted to dark mode.

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How to activate the dark mode of iOS 13 and iPadOS

The mode of activation of dark mode in iOS 13 and iPadOS can be somewhat messy, we have two main ways to activate dark mode on the iPhone and iPad:

  • From Settings: we go to the Settings> Display and Brightness app and select the Claro mode or the Dark mode.
  • From the Control Center: keep pressed or press the brightness bar and press the first icon that will change between light mode and dark mode.

Advanced dark mode settings

Apple has included a series of advanced settings to control the dark mode and our experience with it to improve substantially and not be an option to activate or deactivate without further ado.

  • Dark mode programming: from Settings> Screen and Brightness we can activate the option of automatic activation of the dark mode with two options, that the dark mode is activated between the setting and the sunrise or that it is programmed in a custom schedule.
  • Wallpaper attenuation: From Settings> Wallpaper we can activate an option so that our wallpaper dims when the dark mode is activated, this will also make the folders and the dock become darker.

The new dark mode is a breakthrough and I’m sure there are still many new features that will improve it in future updates, it is also necessary to adapt the applications so that their use is perfect.

If you also want to try the dark mode on your iPhone or iPad you can easily install the first beta of iOS 13 or iPadOS by following these steps, although we recommend that you first read our first impressions since, like any beta, iOS 13 and iPadOS contain mistakes.

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