The 10 most iconic designs by Jony Ive on Apple

Jony Ive has decided to leave Apple and found his own design company and in honor of his almost 30 years working in the company, we will review the 10 best designs he has left in the form of devices. Jony has been a key player in design at Apple since Steve Jobs discovered it in his return to the company in 1997. His role was even more important when the founder left us taking responsibility for the design of Apple devices.

Throughout his long career at Apple, he joined the company in 1992, he has directly participated in a multitude of devices, however, we have chosen the 10 designs that we think represent the most up to now the chief designer of Apple.

Jony Ive

The best Jony Ive designs on Apple

It’s hard to opt for just one, Apple has created hundreds of different designs that Jony Ive has also been responsible for. We will never know the degree of responsibility of Ive in each design, Jobs exerted a lot of pressure, however, his involvement in these products is probably very high. These are the best 10 designs with which Jony Ive amazed the world:

iMac G3

It is probably the first important design of Jony Ive in Apple and, above all, the design that captivates Steve Jobs. The iMac G3 was an all-in-one device that followed the essence of the original Macintosh and filled it with color.

It is a translucent plastic device available in several colors and with a handle to move it easily. Presented in 1998 was the first important device after the arrival of Jobs and supposed the creation of a new range that still continues to this day: iMac.

iMac G4 “lamp”

One of the most beautiful computers that have ever been manufactured. The iMac G4, known as “lamparita” because of its resemblance to Luxo, the Pixar lamp, is the only computer exhibited at the MoMA, the modern art museum in New York, and is exhibited as if it were a work of art.

Its design has a hemisphere in which there is the base plate and all the components and an arm from which the flat screen is held. It is probably one of the nicest computers Ive designed.

MacBook Air

The MacBook Air was a change in the concept of laptops becoming the thinnest and lightest computer in the world. Steve Jobs presented it in an envelope and surprised everyone with a device that showed the way to the rest of the industry.

The aluminum unibody design was essential to achieve something as thin as the MacBook Air and as we have seen over the years Apple was not wrong. Most current laptops resemble that MacBook Air.


Probably the iPhone was one of the biggest challenges for Jony Ive, it was to introduce a lot of technology in very little space to get a device of the future. No other technological device has had more impact in the modern era and its design did not have to be easy.

The iPhone has been one of the devices in which I ‘ve been more involved throughout history and we will see several models in this list.


“When something exceeds your ability to understand how it works, it becomes magical, and that’s exactly what the iPad is.” With this phrase Ive defined the Apple tablet, a device with which the company introduced a new category of products in the market. That huge 9.7-inch screen has been transformed into something more than a “big iPhone”.

iPhone 4

Probably one of the nicest devices Ive manufactured and the second iPhone on the list. The iPhone 4 introduced two key elements that have been recovered in recent years: glass and metal.

The iPhone 4 had a metal body closed with two crystals, one pair the screen and one in the back. As Ive said: ” the iPhone 4 is more than just another product .”

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iOS 7

But not only there are products in this list of Jony designs, but the arrival of iOS 7 was also the biggest change that has suffered the Apple operating system and Jony Ive was at the controls creating a new interface full of colors and gradients.

Until then Ive designs had focused on devices but it was shown that it could also do the same with operating systems. That base is still maintained today and will be one of the legacies of Ive in Apple.

Apple Watch

The Apple watch is probably the smallest technological device that the company has had to manufacture and also has many sensors so its design should not be easy. He has also managed to create an essence with a square design that gives him a lot of personalities.

It is probably the last category of devices that Jony has created in Apple and we will always remember the Apple Watch for that.

iPhone X

Probably the device that comes closest to the idea of ​​Ive in terms of design, “an iPhone that was all screen”. The iPhone X was an incredible leap in terms of design and Ive’s dream of making a crystal-only iPhone was very close. It is probable that he did not want the notch, but it was something indispensable that only future technology could eliminate.

We do not know if Jony will continue to be involved in the design of future iPhone, although it is likely to be so, we will have to wait a few years to know for sure.

Apple Park

Probably the masterpiece of Jony Ive is the new Apple Park. We know that Apple’s design chief has been tremendously involved in the design of Apple’s new headquarters and his vision shows on every corner. It is also the design that will last the longest, although Ive himself commented that “the building will change and evolve. I am sure that in 20 years we will be designing and developing very different products, and that alone will make the campus evolve and change. ”

Apple Park

This has been our review of the career of Jony Ive in Apple, probably one of the most important men who have gone through the apple company and, although his collaboration with Apple will continue, will no longer be employed by the company In a few months. From here he shows admiration for someone who always knew how to see the future before anyone else.

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