The Apple Pencil 3 could have aerial gestures in the future

Touch screens have revolutionized the mobile phone market since the arrival of Apple’s first iPhone. They are very convenient, yes, and as their own name indicates they are “tactile”. That is to say, for them to work you have to touch them. But … this is not always the most practical.

There are times when it would be much more opportune NOT to touch the touch screen with our hands. We speak in situations where, for example; we are cooking, and our hands are dirty; in which we left the shower, with wet hands; or we just have our hands busy. In this type of situation, we tend to use the virtual assistant Siri. But what if there were other more effective methods?

It seems that Apple is working on a series of aerial gestures for our own hands and for the Apple Pencil (or the third generation, we assume) that would allow users to interact with the screen of their devices without having direct contact.

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How the aerial gestures of the Apple Pencil 3 would work

Apple Pencil 3 working

Apple has registered a new patent in the United States Patent and Trademark Office entitled “Devices, methods and user interfaces to interact with user interface objects through contact-based and proximity-based inputs”. Yes, an excessively long title, we already know how the language of patents is usually applied.

Basically, we talked about various proximity sensors built into the Apple Pencil that, when approaching the screen of a device such as an iPad, would interact with the operating system to execute various actions.

It is not the first time we hear about tactile gestures in relation to Apple. A few months ago we discovered that Apple intended to implement aerial gestures in the seat belt of the Apple Car. Obviously, this technology would not be available until the commercialization of the autonomous vehicle, which is expected from 2023.

Via: appleinsider

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