The Best Alternatives of Goodnotes for Android

GoodNotes is actually a premium handwritten notes app that can come surprisingly close to the old pen-and-pencil experience actually. You also get the added goodness of cloud saving and multimedia support. as Well In this article, we are going to talk about The Best Alternatives of Goodnotes for Android. Let’s begin!

GoodNotes is basically a no-brainer if you guys are a frequent Apple Pencil user along with money to spare. But, as a premium app ($7.99 for GoodNotes 5), it’s really expensive. And as an iOS-exclusive, you guys are out of luck as a Windows or Android user actually. You should have a look at these GoodNotes alternatives: From open source desktop note-takers to freemium Android solutions to a genuine GoodNotes competitor on iOS actually. We’ve covered the entire spectrum of alternatives here as well.

The Best Alternatives of Goodnotes for Android



  • Tight iOS integration along with Apple Pencil and iCloud support
  • Handwriting recognition


  • Really expensive for a note-taking app

Who it is for: iOS users looking for a premium paid alternative to Goodnotes

Notability is actually one of the best note-taking apps for handwriting and sketching. It combines handwriting, drawings, pictures, gifs, typing, audio records, custom shapes in just a single note. Perfectly compatible along with Apple Pencil, Notability allows you to take notes such as writing on papers with an actual pen.

If we compare to other note-taking apps, the distinctive features of this one. Includes the support of audio recordings, A OCR search scanning both text and handwriting notes, handwriting to text conversion, and Multi-task which turns you on to take notes when reading another document. Also, it’s really easy to import and annotate PDFs or webpages. It can also be the best all-purpose App for general note-taking, I guess.

Squid | goodnotes for android


  • Neatly designed interface
  • Really easy to just start taking notes


  • Important functions are locked behind a paywall

This is basically an Android-exclusive productivity app. That right: iOS users will also have to miss out on Squid (though of course, they get GoodNotes and Notability, among others as well). Squid keeps things pretty simple. You get a choice of page ruling options, from a blank canvas to college ruling and also wide ruling among others. Also you then get to scribble between or on top of the lines as well. You can also adjust brush color, width, and pressure sensitivity, too. Squid does not have handwriting recognition, so your scribbles are just that–scribbles actually.


Squid also has a handy PDF notation feature that basically lets you import PDFs and write on them. However, the interface is nice and it is really easy to start taking notes down, Squid comes along with a major caveat: Many important features, such as cloud saving and even adding text boxes, are locked behind a paywall actually. Squid premium costs a dollar a month. This is not much but it’s really only giving you what Fiinote offers for free of cost. The app also provides you the option of unlocking the “Tool pack” for $3. This lets you add text boxes and also gives you a smart eraser tool. Well to be honest, this felt a little cheap.

Xournal | goodnotes for android


  • Free and open source
  • Works on desktop OSes


  • No handwriting in order to text support
  • No cloud-based remote access

Windows do not seem like an ideal platform to host a handwritten notes app at first blush. Who’d actually connect a drawing tablet to their PC just to take notes? However, Xournal proves that there’s always a solution if you guys look hard enough. Xournal is an open-source project that basically works on Windows, Linux, and OSX. Xournal has a really simple interface that’s designed to look just like a ruled notebook.


Rather than a blank canvas, you get notebook-like lines in order to write between. You can use the interface in order to change the color and thickness of the written notes. A caveat is that Xournal does not support handwriting recognition so that your written notes stay as they are. But, you can add text fields to type in. Another drawback is that Xournal does not have cloud support actually. The notes you take are saved locally as well. You can also print notes out and export them to PDF, though as well.

Ghostnote | goodnotes for android

Ghostnote is actually a note-taking solution that allows you to upload and share unlimited notes without even any cost. It is a feature-rich online solution and basically comes with all of the leading tools to edit your notes. One of the best facts about this note-taking solution is that it is totally free, and you guys can access its service anywhere and anytime, even on any internet-enabled device too.

goodnotes for android

Ghostnote is actually perfect for both individuals and businesses. Along with this, you guys can upload and share any size of the file includes pictures, URL, and also the location that make it better than others. Another great fact about its app is that it offers an offline access feature. This feature permits you to access all your notes without even an internet connection.

Metamoji Note | goodnotes for android


  • Free to download
  • Available on multiple platforms
  • Cloud note sharing


  • The slightly dodgy sign-up process

goodnotes for android

Well, metamoji Note’s key highlight is just how interoperable it is. This app basically works on Windows, Android, and iOS as well. This means that no matter what device you guys are using, you will be able to view and also edit your handwritten notes on the fly. Just like Xournal, it does not really support handwriting recognition. But, you guys are able to add text notes through a separate text field as well. You are free to adjust the color, thickness, and many other aspects of your handwriting presentation actually.

There is actually one area in which Metamoji Note has a leg up is in terms of cloud sharing. Turning on cloud sync will let you sync your Metamoji notes to the Metamoji server. You guys can then pick up and play on any of your devices. Metamoji Note Lite is free and there is also an optional in-app purchase if you want what they describe as “advanced cloud features.” However, We found the Lite version to be more than adequate actually.

Noteledge | goodnotes for android

Platform: Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android


  • You can also add all kinds of media to notes, in addition to handwriting
  • Cloud sync


  • The interface is clunky, especially on Android phones

goodnotes for android

Noteledge basically adopts a “throw everything and the kitchen sink” approach to note-taking. Whereas apps just like Xournal are content with just giving you handwriting and text input. Noteledge bills itself as a “multimedia” note-taking solution actually. What this basically means is that, in addition to handwritten notes, you will be able to add in sound recordings, typed text, videos, images, and all other media. When this sounds great in theory, that I found the app to be difficult to use in practice, at least on Android.

The app defaults to the handwriting or drawing mode. There’s actually no writing recognition here and your handwriting is not scaled down. So you can really easily fill up entire pages. If you guys need to add in other content, you will need to go to the attachment tab and add in a box for text, video, or something else as well. In my experience, Noteledge worked really better as a general jotting pad that you can throw doodles, sound recordings. Or also whatever else at it and save them thanks to the cloud sync features also.


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