The camera of this iPhone 7 moves inside the device

Strange stories about Apple devices are many, from beluga whales recovering an iPhone dropped to the sea and return it to their owners to strange tools to retrieve AirPods on the train tracks.

Today we bring you a rather peculiar and curious story that we have found in a reddit thread. A user of an iPhone 7 has posted a video in which you can see the rear camera of the device moving like crazy inside the terminal itself, something that, at least I had never seen before.

iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 and the camera possessed

It may seem difficult to appreciate, but in the video that this user has uploaded, it can be seen how the iPhone camera, which is resting on a table, moves alone inside the little gap that remains inside.

Apple Camera

As stated by the affected, his iPhone fell and “I think there is something broken.” It seems clear that something has broken inside the device’s camera and is probably related to the image stabilizer that the iPhone incorporates in the rear camera.

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The image stabilizer ensures that when we take a photo or a video, especially in the latter case, the image does not appear blurred or moved. For this, the camera lens has a series of “shock absorbers” that move the camera’s sensor opposite to the movement of your hand, so that the image remains still.

It is what most users of reddit have commented when viewing the images and the only solution is to go through an Apple Store and leave the iPhone in repair. However, the user has admitted that he has been dropped, so the repair must be carried out on his account.

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