The competition surrenders in front of the iPad: Google leaves the tablets

The tablet market has lost an important competitor today. According to Computerworld, Google has decided to leave this completely before the poor results achieved with its Pixel range. Specifically, the company refers to its Pixel Slate range, which is the only one considered as a tablet, while the Pixelbook would fall into the category of laptop. Anyway, this means that the iPad loses one of its big competitors.

Despite the failures that could have the Google Pixel Slate, this was part of the few viable alternatives that, today, exist against the iPad. Currently, Apple and Samsung are the main sellers of tablets globally, reaching a combined market share of 41.2% according to the data provided by IDC last year.

pixel slate

In the case of Google had not yet achieved a significant share, but the truth is that the availability of their models has always been limited. On the other hand, Chrome OS does not seem to have finished convincing as an alternative operating system to iOS or Windows, not even to Android, which is the one used by many of Samsung’s models.

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This decision of the Mountain View not only implies that they will stop launching products of this category in the future, but they have also canceled two projects already opened in the past, which would correspond to smaller tablets than the Pixel Slate. Thus, the company leaves behind some products that have not finished dominating, although they have tried repeatedly, first with the Nexus family and now with Pixel.

In the case of Pixel Slate users, this should not be a problem for them. Although the company will stop working on new tablets, support for existing ones is assured, so there is no reason to worry. Another issue is the competition, where it is never good to see a rival of this caliber disappear.

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