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More Rumors About Apple’s iPhone 11 Coming Soon

We recently witnessed astonished the latest presentation of Samsung and its folding phones at a price a bit, let’s say excessive. But one of the features that caught my attention is the possibility of charging other devices with mobile wirelessly. Will the iPhone 11 do the same?

More Rumors About Apple's iPhone 11 Coming Soon

IPhone 11 in the wake of Samsung?

It is worth noting that Samsung and Apple are not all flesh and blood, but it is clear that with the permission of Huawei they are the two giants in terms of mobile telephony. They are the ones that innovate the most and seek to launch the latest of the latest on the market. This implies that the ideas that work are “copied” by their rivals.

The iPhone 11, according to rumored and echoed the acclaimed Japanese blog, Macotakara, could include wireless charging, Samsung-style S10, and PowerShare. This would imply the possibility of charging the AirPods and the Apple Watch through the cell phone.

Now, I ask myself a question. What about the AirPower? , it is taken for granted that soon it will be released to the market after a long delay. Apple will throw it away for “innovate”?

More Rumors About Apple's iPhone 11 Coming Soon

Do you know what a true innovation would be? Wireless charging not by induction, but Over the Air. That is to say that I enter my home and the iPhone begins to load by magic. That is the future. I hope Tim Cook is reading these lines. 

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A more feasible rumor about the iPhone 11: Faster charging

Although it seems good news, it is not so good. I explain.

With the iPhone 11, a new charging cable will be included, but it will not change its input port to a USB Type C. So those who have the new iPad Pro, should continue to load with two types of cables. Would not it be better to unify?

More Rumors About Apple's iPhone 11 Coming Soon

It would be won in loading time but lost in practice. Apple has always distinguished itself by both. Hopefully, they are just rumors, at least the cable, because if not …

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