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The iPhone 2020 will Arrive with 5 nm Chips

The iPhone 2020 will Arrive with 5 nm Chips

A new report by the manufacturer of chips Series A, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) suggests that Apple could mount chips 5 nanometers (nm) in the iPhone 2020.  

The news about the new features of the next iPhone are many, however, this particular takes more strength to be the same manufacturer who points to the increase in the manufacture of this chip in early 2020.

iPhone 2020 with 5 nm chips

According to the source, CC Wei, CEO of TSMC mentioned during the session of questions and answers from the Investor Conference that the company has become “a little more aggressive” about the increase of production of 5nm.

Also adding that these chips will begin to produce in the first half of 2020, which suggests that these could be ready to be displayed alongside the iPhone 2020, as both Apple and  Huawei are the main customers of the chips 5 nm TSMC.

The arrival of the Bionic A14

For Apple, this new chip 5 nm means the next step in the evolution of your processor Bionic A13 7 nm, as the company of Cupertino could take advantage of all the infrastructure of design provided by TSMC to create the new chip Bionic A14 of 5 nm.

According to the source, the development of a 5-nanometer process node would offer enormous benefits to the devices, since these chips will reduce not only the physical space of the matrix but also the cost per chip of the wafers and the processor, improving and the performance and offering a consumption of reduced energy.

What to expect from the iPhone 2020?

So far, various rumors suggest that the next generation of iPhone planned for next year will come not only with significant changes in processing level but also implement advanced technologies that will give unique characteristics.

One of the most outstanding is that Apple is expected to add the 5G chip to its new generation of iPhone, as well as a time-of-flight camera (ToF) that will come with a 3D sensor that can detect more effectively and accurately. objects and people at a distance, a feature that will open iPhone 2020 a range of opportunities for new applications, games, and services that work with augmented reality.

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