The iPhone XR and the AirPods at an incredible price for a limited time

Lately, we are seeing many offers on Apple devices, something that was not so usual before, at least in our country, but we are delighted. Today we bring you two offers to enter the iPhone XR and AirPods at a price of scandal.

These are two of the most recommended Apple devices, with the iPhone XR you get all the power possible in a device with a screen to the edges, with Face ID and with the best battery life of an iPhone. As for AirPods, it is the most popular wireless headphones in the world.

iPhone XR

iPhone XR for 699 euros

The iPhone XR is a real wonder and with discounts like this, it is very difficult not to place it as the best iPhone you can buy this year. Thanks to an exclusive code you can get with it for less than 700 euros, 160 euros discount with respect to its official price.

  • Official price at the Apple Store: 859 euros.
  • Price with a discount for a limited time: 699 euros.
  • Discount code: PILLALO10

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If you want to get hold of it, you should hurry since the units are limited and the discount code will expire soon. Just add the iPhone XR that you like to the cart and put the discount code before checking the payment.

AirPods for 132 euros

And what better way to accompany your new iPhone XR with some AirPods, the best 100% wireless headphones in the world. You can get the iPhone XR and the AirPods for less than the cost of an iPhone XR in the Apple Store. But if you already have an iPhone, you can also get AirPods for only 132 euros. Again we will have to apply a discount code to get the best price.

  • AirPods price with a limited time discount: 132.05 euros.
  • Discount code: PARATECH
  • Buy AirPods

These are two great deals that you can not miss, they usually do not last long as the units are limited and after a few hours they are no longer available, so we advise you to buy them as soon as possible.

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