The leaks continue: this will be the music and TV apps of macOS 10.15

If the first images of iOS 13 were leaked yesterday, today we get new information about the new system that will arrive at the Mac very soon. Much had been rumored about the end of iTunes as we know it and these two screenshots of the app Music and the app TV of the next macOS 10.15 confirm the rumor.

Again it is a leak that comes to us thanks to Guilherme Rambo of 9to5mac and in it, we can see what two of the new applications would be like that would come with MacOS 10.15 Mammoth ?, Skyline ?, Monterey? those are the possible names that have leaked so far.

TV apps of macOS 10.15

Music and TV will be apps of macOS 10.15

These two screenshots are real, it is not about interpretations about information, however, the sources of Guilherme Rambo remain anonymous. Apple is expected to present macOS 10.15, along with iOS 13 and watchOS 6, at the inaugural conference of WWDC 19 to be held next Monday.

One of the great novelties of macOS 10.15 will be the new applications that will separate iTunes. As you can see, both apps have a very similar design with a sidebar and several icons with a colorful design in the style of iOS.

From the Music app, we can continue to synchronize our iPhone and iPod as we did with iTunes, but here Apple Music is the protagonist and the app will serve as a player with several buttons identical to those we see in the iOS app.

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Regarding the TV app, the design is very similar to the one we see in the Music app, although we understand that in the large area on the right of the two apps there will be suggested content for each type of user. In the left part, we have again colorful icons with some categories and in the upper area we have more categories like “See Now”, “Movies”, “Series”, “Children” and “Library”.

It seems that we will have new applications on our Macs very soon that will undoubtedly help that Apple services can be more easily consumed from their computers

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