The Main Reasons to Get BT Mobile Signal Boosters

BT Mobile Signal BoosterIt seems that in the cutting-tech world with advanced gadgets and constant innovations problems such as “poor mobile reception” should be something outdated if not antiquated for the users of the 21st century. Yet, many people face such problems on a day-to-day basis and are all the time on the lookout for rapid solutions. As a rule, the main issues are patchy conversations, dropped phone calls, frozen video calls, etc. However, these problems were not even on the table when one was choosing a mobile operator since they were assured that they were landing on the most reliable one. If hassles do arise and hinder your activities BT mobile amplifies is the solution. 

BT Mobile is known in the UK as one of the leading operators in the country. It is also part of MVNOs (Mobile Network Operator). BT mobile provides strong 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G data services. Nevertheless, even with high coverage users sometimes struggle to get mobile reception in both urban and rural areas. In this article, we will discuss possible ways of resolving said situation and share tips on how to boost BT’s mobile signal effectively.

Reasons for poor BT Mobile Signal

In a broad sense, any mobile operator can periodically have strange signals. However, if you struggle with mediocre glitches or even worse issues there is a pattern for such situations. 

Natural factor 

The most obvious reason to take into account at the beginning. From time to time BT mobile coverage problems may occur due to some weather conditions or something else which we, as users, rarely pay attention to. In addition to that, lush forests and dense woodlands in the close vicinity of a building can impede one’s mobile operator’s signal. The latter is a common problem for the summer season since there is plenty of foliage. Another factor would be a season of rain during which any signal can get worse and weak or even simply decay. 


Another element of the problem may be the geographical location. In contrast to the previous problem, geo-based mobile connection issues are evidently detected when one’s home is located in a low-lying area and the mobile mast simply is not situated higher than this provided point. Broadly speaking, when the signal simply passes you over and cannot reach the building, try to fix this obstacle in an urgent manner. 

Types of buildings

Speaking about the design features of any building, be it somebody’s accommodation or office, the most essential problem with the BT mobile network can occur with the materials of a building. Usually, various materials provide different signal transmission capabilities, for instance, solid concrete floors would not pass the BT signal. On top of that, some working spaces or offices have a tendency to have thick walls which isolate wireless devices from external signals. Contemporary buildings are supposedly full of lighter and more modern materials yet, something like glass has poor signal transmission as well. 

Bare area

Cities and towns may be packed and overloaded with a high density of masts which are quite sparse in rural and remote areas. In the hinterlands, there are often zero and almost no BT mobile signals, since solely a signal mast serves signals for a couple of settlements simultaneously. Such an overload definitely increases work on the station and results in a temporary or permanent signal loss.

How can we help?

When the problem is identified and after small tweaking, there is no improvement then the most efficient solution would be to purchase a signal booster. Below you may find ways how UCtel approaches BT mobile signal problems. 

  • 3G booster for which we offer toolkits on installation for 3G mobile network improvement in the office of accommodation.
  • 4G booster is always used for commercial spaces which often opt for 4G mobile networks. This type of booster comes with an amplifier or a booster. 
  • 5G booster is purchased for commercial spaces or isolated premises.  

In general, the installation of a BT mobile booster requires expertise and experience which UCtel will provide to their customers. Apart from the installation of a product UCtel offers:

  1. Customer-oriented service; 
  2. Ongoing support and maintenance of the solutions which their specialists provided as well as ease of communication;
  3. Design of mobile connectivity solutions;
  4. Supply of connection-boosting materials;

How does BT mobile signal boosters work?

BT signal boosters were created by tech-savvy specialists indeed, yet one does not have to be a computer geek to work out the steps on how to use it and install it on their own. Usually, the process of installation takes roughly 10 to 20 minutes. The main point is rather simple – read the instructions carefully which come with detailed steps and ways to consider.  

  1. Plug in your booster/extender near your router. Make sure that you have a good signal while setting everything up.
  2. Wireless connection to the router. The procedure of connection to the router is fairly easy as it supports WSP as most recent models do.
  3. Move booster/extender to optimum location. Plug the booster into a room between the router and the area where the extended coverage goes. The majority of signal boosters are to be installed on horizontal surfaces, such as floors or tables. 

All in all, installing BT mobile signal boosters helps users to prolong and secure their coverage at any location. Booster installment is the most effective solution for the elimination of all potential problems. By doing so you will definitely improve the quality of communication and mobile internet in the whole building. 

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When installing a booster you must be highly attentive to instructions and manuals. If you struggle to do so yourself, you can contact UCtel for professional’s help who will cope with all necessary tasks. 

The main idea of UCtel and their boosters is to provide everyone aid with signal issues and fix issues with their first-class equipment. Therefore, for a premise, home, or business wherever you want to get a better Internet connection we will put out the main focus on you with full commitment. 

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