The neon signs begin to decorate the San Jose McEnery Convention Center for WWDC 19

We are just days from the beginning of WWDC 19 and little by little everything is being put in place. A few days ago Apple sent the passes to the press, yesterday the official app for Apple TV was updated and today they have begun to decorate the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose with the neon style that we have seen in this year’s invitations.

According to the photos shared by 9to5mac and some users who have taken photos and videos on social networks, the decoration work has already begun and will be ready for next Monday at 10:00 am local time. At that moment, Apple’s keynote will begin and WWDC 19 will be inaugurated, which will last four days.

The McEnery Convention Center gets handsome

As you can see in the images that have been shared the works have just begun, we see several flags and posters but the main decoration of the facade is not yet finished, although what we do know is that the main motive has the same design in neon of the invitations. Some speculated that Apple could use real neon on the facade to decorate the text “Dub Dub” that seems to read.

We do not know if these backgrounds of dark background and neon are a clue of what we will see in iOS 13 or just a design resource, remember that the dark mode is confirmed in iOS 13 thanks to last-minute leaks, although it would be very risky to use that kind of all neon in the interface.

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Every time there is less to start WWDC 19 and Apple wants to have everything ready to be a perfect conference, we will see if over the weekend we find some clue in the decoration as other years.

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