This incredible ad is recorded with an iPhone XS and Apple shows us how it has done

Every so often Apple usually surprised us with incredible announcements recorded with their own iPhone and today the company returns with an incredible video. We have already seen several similar videos called Experiments, the first version was recorded with an iPhone XS and the second with several iPhone XR, the result of these 4K videos is spectacular.

Now Apple has published Experiments III in which the absolute protagonist is water, a video created by Donghoon Jun and James Thornton of Incite in collaboration with WET. In addition, the apple company has also shared a video about how these spectacular scenes have been recorded.

iPhone XS Ad

Experiments III: Cascade is the new and spectacular video recorded with an iPhone XS

The images of the video show the water in movement and allow us to appreciate incredible details that have been recorded with an iPhone XS with a spectacular result.

The effect of the water with the lights is hypnotic and each frame of the video could become an incredible wallpaper. Also, in this case, Apple has decided to record the ad vertically so that from your iPhone you can appreciate it even better.

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However the most spectacular of all is perhaps how they have managed to create these scenes, for that Apple has shared a video called Experiments III: Cascade (Behind the Scenes) that shows us all the work behind to get a video as spectacular as the one above.

As you can see, countless objects have been used to record this video, some extremely simple as a bottle or a sprinkler and other more complex printed with a 3D printer. The result is amazing and shows again the capabilities of Apple devices. The iPhone XS is probably the best smartphone to record video and this type of creations prove it

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