Toogles – An Alternative To YouTube Interface

What do you know about Toogles? In the last year, YouTube has been redesigned. So definitely, it has a clean interface, but it’s not like what you would call smooth or clean. There are ads, video suggestions, promotional backgrounds, likes, comments, share buttons, and the video player itself, making it all look really busy.

Toogles is another web interface for YouTube that takes quite a different approach to present videos hosted on it. Lots of popular videos all appear on the Toogles front page, and a left sidebar can take proper care of video categories or search filters that you can switch between. When you play a video then a maximum space is given on a page, with its description and total views appearing on the left in one tab also the related videos appear in another. The page automatically resizes when the window is resized. It also ensures that the video player gets maximum space continuously. Also, in the video’s title bar the share functions are hidden behind a small button that appears when you move your cursor over the player. After this, left bar collapsed just to provide a video player more space.

Toogles Landing Page:

Toogles Landing Page

Toogles’ landing page by default displays some popular videos, also the bar on the left shows the list of video categories. You’ll then view a search bar and a blue ‘Search YouTube’ button. Simply tap it to move to search mode. You can also use the search bar without moving to search mode, but the latter provides you filters to narrow down all the results. These filters enable you to sort videos by upload date, relevance, total views, and rating. The upload time can be switched from the current day to the current month. At last, you notice that videos can be filtered by their length. For example, videos less than four minutes or greater than twenty minutes can be filtered.

When you play a video, it occupies the space of your page. A full-screen button located at the top left bar enables you to collapse the left bar itself. As the name suggests, the ‘Related’ tab lists all videos that are related to the current one. Also, the comments are hidden simultaneously, as is the number of likes or dislikes. When you move your cursor over the top-right corner of a video, you’ll then view a share icon and tapping it reveals different sharing options.

Toogle Interface:

Its interface is quite clean. But it can’t enable you to sign in to your YouTube account, which can be a big con for some. Also, there is some wasted space under a video. But other than that, you’ll find Toogles that provide you a good viewing experience. Especially when you compare it to the default YouTube interface. Toogles also allow a Chrome extension that opens all the links of YouTube on Toogles, rather than YouTube.


Here’s all about “An Alternative To YouTube Interface”. I hope you find it helpful. If you wnat to share anything else related to Toogles then let us know in the comment section below!

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