Top 5 Free Wedding Planning Apps

The advancement in technology can be seen in virtually all human endeavors, including weddings. Unlike in times past, you now need resources like a website, social media, magazines, and even apps during your wedding plan. In this article, we’ll be focusing on the best free wedding planning apps that are available for you. What are wedding planning apps? Wedding planning apps are mobile applications specifically designed to assist wedding planners or couples in the organization, management, and planning of their wedding. They are equipped with various tools and features to simplify the wedding planning process.

In this post, you’ll get to know the top 5 wedding planning apps you can download on your Android or iPhone device to aid in fast-tracking your wedding plans. Let’s get started…

Wedding Planning Apps

Bridebook – Wedding Planner

If you have never been involved in the planning of any wedding ceremony and are not sure about how to go about yours, this app will help you a great deal.

With the help of the Bridebook Wedding Planning App, you can create and manage your to-do list, guest list, budget, venues, and more.

You’ll have access to create your wedding checklist and organize your guest list however you want. Bridebook – Wedding Planner app has been used by various wedding planners to assist in the planning of wedding events.

It’s amazing to know that Bridebook – Wedding Planner is one of the highest-rated wedding planning apps on Google PlayStore. The features of this app include Partner-Planning, Days Countdown, a To-Do list tracker, Guests Management, Budget Control, and Team & Experts Inspirations.

Wedding Planner by MyWed

Wedding Planner by MyWed is a free wedding planning app you can use to make a guest list, control expenses, keep track of your important tasks and manage vendors. This wedding planning app allows you to sync across devices and also plan your wedding with your family and partner. It will also help you to know when to consider a wedding rehearsal.

Its features include Sync & Invite, Guestlist, Checklist, Budget Tracking and Control, Vendors List, Management, and Countdown. You can add or delete anything you want, customize the app settings, and tune it to your taste.

Wedding Planner by MyWed app currently supports 11 languages. Also, it contains a notification feature, which will remind you of every upcoming payment, event, or tax so you won’t miss anything out. 

WeddingHappy – Wedding Planner

WeddingHappy wedding planning app was developed by WeddingHappy Inc. Regardless of the style of your wedding, the WeddingHappy app will help you to plan it effectively.

WeddingHappy – Wedding Planner has proven to be suitable for both brides and grooms and has helped in the planning of lots of weddings with over 50,000 downloads on Google PlayStore.

This wedding planning app does something unique from the others. When you insert your wedding date (only for planning purposes; it doesn’t share your details), it builds a customized schedule with a well-planned to-do list that contains tasks with due dates. 

The major advantage of this app is that it automates everything to minimize what you have to think and plan about. Also, you can edit the tasks and their due dates.

The WeddingHappy app contains other features similar to the free wedding planning apps, Bridebook and Wedding Planner by MyWed, with some additional tweaks and features. 

It has a wedding countdown, payment tracker, spending summary, vendor manager, wedding professionals finder, notifications, dashboard, simple setup, offline mode, and much more. With this app, you won’t need to worry about a change in your wedding date as it is flexible enough to adjust.

The Big Day: Wedding Planning

The Big Day is one of the free wedding planning apps that is developed by Bridebook. Despite being free, there are no annoying ads. The app allows you to create and personalize multiple event countdowns using more thrilling methods.

The Big Day wedding planner helps you to prepare for your wedding with additional features including Simple and Clear Interface, Partner Invite, Wedding Guests Tracker, Seat Sheet Creator, To-Do List Manager, Checklists, Time Counter, Budget Tracker, and much more.

Wedding Planner by Wedsly

Wedding Planner by Wedsly is developed by Wedsly Wedding Apps. It is also a free wedding app, however, with no advertisement interruptions. Wedding Planner by Wedsly looks more advanced compared to some other free wedding planning apps as it offers features for both the wedding planner and the guest.

Its features for wedding planners include Checklist, Advanced Categorization and Sorting, Partner Collaboration and Planning, Guest List Manager, RSVPs Real-Time Tracker, Budget Tracker, and Gift Lists.

Meanwhile, it allows guests to see the wedding details assigned for guests to view, add contact info, and confirm details including that of their partners that might come along. It also allows them to add RSVP, Allergies, and Notes, Check the Wedding schedule, and see your gift list. Note that the gift list essentially contains what you expect to receive. Lastly, you can control the actions that guests can make.


We’d love to end the list of free wedding planning apps there but before we end it, let’s give you a bonus list.

Weddi – Wedding planner

Weddi – Wedding Planner is a free wedding planning app offered by “Weddings and Events Apps”. It allows wedding planners to organize everything that is needed for a successful and remarkable wedding.

It has a checklist, task section, budget calculator, guest list management, wedding countdown, and much more. The app features might look small but it promises to provide an optimal planning experience.

Pre-Wedding Planning Considerations

In addition to coordinating your wedding preparations, it is essential to consider two additional components: the wedding rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner.

A wedding rehearsal encompasses a comprehensive run-through of all the activities of the wedding ceremony, including the readings and verbal exchanges. Its purpose is to familiarize all parties involved with the prescribed order of events by reviewing pertinent details and highlighting key bullet points. 

Participants typically include the wedding planner, members of the bridal party, individuals performing specific roles during the ceremony, and any personnel facilitating the procession.

Ideally, the wedding rehearsal occurs on the day preceding the actual wedding, although specific circumstances or location restrictions may necessitate conducting it earlier. To ensure a seamless rehearsal experience, effective communication with the chosen venue is imperative to determine the most suitable timing for the event.

To ensure optimal preparation and coordination, all wedding event organizers and relevant participants should participate in a wedding rehearsal.

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Wrapping Up

When considering your choice of wedding planning apps either paid or free ones, you should first of all look at their features. Afterward, you should evaluate if the available features will be suitable for the type of wedding you are planning, then download and install the app to try it out; there’s no harm in trying.

If you are looking for where to start, we’ll recommend starting from the top of the list or finding a professional wedding planner to help you. Remember, it’s going to be your big day and you can’t afford to mess it up!

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