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Factors affecting the price of property in Mersin and other Turkish areas in 2023

The real estate market in Turkey is represented by various types of properties with a wide price range. Thanks to this, each buyer can choose the best option for their preferences and budget. But how not to get lost among such an abundance of offers of real estate prices in Mersin for foreigners and make the right choice? To do this, you need to understand what affects the value of real estate in Turkey.

price of the property in Mersin and other Turkish areas

The prestige of the area

Real estate located in a prestigious location is valued higher than apartments located in areas adjacent to industrial zones or far from historical sites. The highest prices are typical for Istanbul, Antalya, Bursa, Izmir, and other major cities in Turkey. Conversely, Alanya, Kemer, and Mersin have more affordable housing. But in each city, the cost of houses and apartments in different areas will differ, depending on the level of improvement of a particular location.

In turn, such areas as Konakli, Demirtas, and Kargicak are being actively built up and real estate here can be bought at a lower cost than in the center of Alanya. Properties in the Europeanized Oba, picturesque Avsallar, international Mersin, and other investment-attractive locations are also sold relatively inexpensively.

Distance from the sea

On the Mediterranean coast, the distance from the coastline is one of the most significant parameters in the pricing of real estate in Turkey. The closer the complex is to the sea, the higher the price of apartments. However, in some areas of the Republic of Turkey, it is considered quite normal when the apartments are located 800-1,000 meters from the coast. Residential complexes located at a certain distance from the sea provide their own transfer to the beach.

Often the infrastructure of a complex located 1–1.5 km from the coastline is much wider and more interesting, while the cost of apartments is lower than the price tag of apartments by the sea. It is worth noting that in some areas it is impossible to buy housing with direct access to the beach, as the first line is built up with hotels.

Property type

Obviously, a 1 + 1 apartment will differ in price from a luxurious duplex or a luxury villa. Moreover, the higher the level of infrastructure on the territory of the residential complex, the more expensive the apartments. It is worth considering the fact that materials were used in construction. So, for elite residences, expensive materials are necessarily used: marble, porcelain stoneware, etc.

If we compare an apartment in a building with minimal infrastructure, and apartments in a fully equipped complex, the latter will undoubtedly be more expensive. But comfort there is much higher, which means that residents can fully relax after a hard day without leaving home.

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Apartment layout and area

The area and functionality of the living space are one of the main criteria for evaluating real estate. Undoubtedly, the more spacious the apartment is, the higher its price.

It is worth noting that in Turkey the number of square meters is indicated in the “gross” format. Since the most expensive resource in the territory of the Republic of Turkey is land, then when selling apartments, all non-residential areas are divided into equal shares: landing, terraces, balconies, and even the thickness of the walls.

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