Top Technologies of the Cars of the Future

Technologies of the Cars of the FutureDespite the excessively avant-garde look and exorbitant many technologies and ideas presented in concept cars, they still occasionally get to the real cars.

Add to this list those technologies which now seem simply unbelievable, although in the near future may well be as additional equipment on many cars of the present, and it is quite possible that in your car, too.

Lightweight Materials

It may not be a revelation to many of you, but this part of the car industry is definitely the future. Perhaps, dear friends, your next car will use lightweight materials as its base. By reducing the weight of the car without compromising on durability, reliability, and safety your car will be more responsive to you in terms of handling and fuel efficiency.

Bentley already makes extensive use of carbon fiber for the Bentley Continental GT. This is especially evident in the creation of a monocoque, very similar to those already being made for the most expensive supercars for some time. By the way, anyone can test drive a Bentley by renting one. Never before has rented a sports car been so cheap, so it’s time to find out the Bentley SUV price in UAE. I am sure that after experiencing the power of a sports car and its handling, you will appreciate the importance of the materials used. You can also try out other sports cars, as a wide range is offered for rent.

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New Displays

Digital dashboards, large screen infotainment systems, have become a familiar sight in our cars. But there is no doubt that they could be much better. One of these solutions was an LCD, which will be much easier and more comfortable to use in its tactile way. Information on such a display would be easier to read and much easier to find.

The second part of this development of displays and technologies of the future, which have proven themselves on the best side, are OLED displays, or as they are called – organic LED displays. OLED displays are an amazing solution, and all this at the expense of their flexibility, transparency, they are lighter and thinner, have better image quality, compared with the same LCD monitors.

Imagine friends, that on the windshield of your car over time will appear a transparent projection display, which will not interfere with the view. (?) With OLED technology it is quite possible.

Continental and Sennheiser audio systems: no need for speakers

A variety of speakers and subwoofers are also the object of constant refinement for manufacturers. But the technology introduced by Continental and Sennheiser is a revolution in this field. The music here is reproduced not by the speakers, but by the interior details!

Due to special mechanisms, such interior elements as dashboard, front pillars, door panels, and even ceiling paneling vibrate. The usual speakers are absent, but they are not needed – the vibrations create an impressive surround sound, the quality of which is the responsibility of specialists from Sennheiser, the famous manufacturer of audio components..

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Biometric scanners

Automakers today are looking to expand driver assistant apps and incorporate them into vehicles. In the future, you and I will be able to use our fingerprints to unlock/lock the locks of the car, to select automatic settings for the seats, for the steering wheel, and for all sorts of other adjustments, for example, the same radio.

This technology is designed to monitor the health of the driver and passengers. The analysis will be conducted by sensor sensors installed in the steering wheel and safety belts. Thus, the car will be able to understand when the driver is tired and will offer to stop, as well as be able to monitor the emergency situations in the car interior. Another plus of the system is the combination with autopilot technology, which will allow the driver to be taken to the hospital if he or she has an accident.


Technology affects all areas of our lives and cars are no exception. One of the most pressing problems today is road safety and I hope that the best scientists and minds of mankind will solve this problem by introducing new technologies and devices.

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