Two New Patents Related To The Microsoft Centaurus Folding Device Appear

On October 2, Microsoft will hold its next Surface event. And it is also suggesting that the software giant present a folding device with Windows 10 with two screens. Remember the Andromeda folding device that showed in patents and renderings last year? Reportedly, Microsoft suspended the project last summer and this is the last time we are hearing about it until last March. It was when a new patent that relates to the project shows up. The patent revealed a folding hinge that would allow the screens to rotate 360 ​​degrees.

Today, a report from Germany analyzes two new US patents (1,2) that are surfaced by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO, through Windows United) that are related to the folding device. One of the patents, once again, analyzes the hinge and once again we learn that it will allow the screens to move in an arc of 360 degrees while allowing different positions in which it is possible to open the double screens. The Andromeda device allegedly provided users with five preset positions that included closed, concave, convex, tent and full modes. Some applications to run on the device based on the orientation of the screens and we can see something similar for the new device. For example, in-store mode, an alarm may appear while in convex mode a screen may display a virtual QWERTY keyboard to mimic the appearance of a laptop. The second patent mentions the use of a magnetic closure that uses magnets mounted on multiple sides of the device. This could be part of the technology that the tablet will use to determine the positioning of the two screens.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Microsoft Centaurus Folding Device

According to reports, the new Microsoft leaflet has the code name “Centaurus”. Unlike Andromeda, which people consider as a possible folding tablet smartphone. And it is thought to be the long-awaited Surface Phone. The new device is a tablet and is to resemble the company’s Surface Go blackboard with slightly rounded corners. The Centaurus device presumably runs the cross-platform Windows version called Windows Core OS; The latter will manage smartphones, tablets, headphones, desktops and more.

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The October 2 event should introduce the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 tablet along with other new Surface devices. A few days ago, we sent some specs for the next version of the company’s premium Windows-powered slate.

(Via: Windows United)

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