What I found use in my iPhone and why


Having a cover that combines everything we think should be relevant is not an easy task. Every week, the editors of this medium get an analysis of why the case of our iPhone and today it’s my turn to do a review.

I recognize that with the covers I am somewhat capricious, I do not stick to one in particular and it is usual to go exchanging them, I love to be changing and right now I have 4 cases among my favorites. However, to talk about the one I’m using the most I have not had any doubt, this piece of Syncwire captivated my heart from the first moment.

Syncwire Wood Case

The definitive cover

After changing between one of the same brands with carbon fiber simile finish, the wooden cover is perhaps the one that I use the most. The reasons are simple, it is a clear nod to a natural element, fits properly and protects my precious iPhone X.

I will talk about the most striking part, the back part. They are thin sheets of wood inserted in the housing, which is made of very resistant rubber and is very effective against knocks and falls. Syncwire has managed to combine the warmth of wood with the highest protection in a product, making it a versatile cover.

As a favorable point worth noting its price, which exceeds just 10 euros, and the quality of its finishes. It draws a lot of attention when you have it on and you leave the phone face down. There are many people who have been interested in her as soon as they have seen her. Perhaps another aspect to emphasize is the good grip that it has, the reason why it is very difficult that the cover escapes to you of the hands.

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If this wonder has captivated you as much as I did, we leave you the purchase link below, it is available on Amazon and if you have Prime it will not cost you anything, and in 24 hours you have it at home.

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