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WhatsApp Working to Remove Disappearing Message Bug

In 2019 WhatsApp has gained quite a few features, including better fingerprint authentication and Google Assistant support. The Facebook-owned team seems like a Snapchat-inspired feature as they aren’t stopping there.

But according to an anonymous prolific tipster, WhatsApp is now working on disappearing messages which is very surprising news. But outlet’s screenshots show that this feature is available for group chats but maybe it’s likely coming to private chats as well.

WhatsApp’s disappearing messages functionality takes an all-or-nothing approach. The screenshots suggest that either all messages in the chat disappear or none of them. But in actual it doesn’t seem like you can send just one disappearing message to someone.


Users can also set the (expiration) time for these messages according to their choices either five seconds or an hour. If you head over the Group Settings menu, you will be able to see a new option called ‘Disappearing Messages’. The messages will be removed every five seconds. If a user chooses five seconds time interval and if a user chooses the time interval as one-hour messages will be removed every one hour.

WhatsApp Disappearing Message Bug

When a recipient has taken a screenshot of a snap Snapchat alerts users, but we are not sure about it if the WhatsApp team is working on similar functionality.

There’s no word or we are not sure that when we can expect disappearing messages in WhatsApp. For what it’s worth. But the important thing is WABetaInfo has previously covered features that the team still hasn’t implemented yet (such as looping videos or much more). Maybe we wait for a long.


Does the question arise what would you like to see added to WhatsApp? If you have any news related to this articel do share with us by writing to us in the comments below we will be eagerly waiting for your valuable answers below!

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