Why Spotify Wants To Track Your Location Once In A While

Spotify wants to track your location once in a while which seems totally useless. Launched in 2014, the Spotify Premium Family plan was to revise a couple of years later. It is to allow up to six different users on the same account to broadcast unlimited music. It is without ads or interruptions in exchange for only $14.99 per month in total. The problem is the owner of the main account. And all other family members must reside at the same address to qualify for this agreement. Which is a fairly old rule that the service was not very concerned about enforcing until recently.

Last year, Spotify sought to act firmly against the offenders. These share their accounts without any connection or living in the same place. But as expected, many people reacted negatively to the company’s attempts to “verify”, also known as a trace, its location. As a result, the new verification policy, which was simply to test on a relatively small scale in a handful of markets.

Spotify to check your location sounds like a rather questionable behavior of an app

But surprise, it seems that the legal terms of the platform have been discreetly seeing some changes last month to include a section destined to still generate many controversies. In addition to requesting verification of the home address of all Spotify Premium family subscribers when one of these accounts is activated for the first time. The service can now request “from time to time” a “new verification” to confirm that the eligibility criteria are still complied with.

In other words, Spotify wants to check your location “from time to time”. It sounds like a rather questionable behavior of an app that actually doesn’t need that kind of information. For what it’s worth, a company spokesperson stated in a brief statement to Cnet that Spotify does not store its location data or continues to follow it after the verification process is completed. Furthermore, all confidential data is to encrypt and the owner of the plan can modify it if necessary.

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However, given all the scandals that imply the misuse of this type of information. These are by so many technology giants, services and applications. It is easy to understand why Spotify subscribers can feel nervous about sharing their location (using GPS coordinates no less) from time to time. There is also the question of the definition of Spotify of the word” family “. Since family members of the real world often live separated.

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