XP-Pen Artist Display Tablet Specifications and Features


The XP-pen display tablet is one of the leading competitors of the Wacom tablet. And while the Wacom tablet is the industry standard for professional graphic artists and designers, the price tag of the base display unit being $650 makes alternatives much more attractive to students, freelancers, and also hobbyists. In this article, we are going to talk about XP-Pen Artist Display Tablet Specifications and Features. Let’s begin!

The XP-pen display tablet comes in an array of sizes with varying features and also quality. All of them still come at a much more affordable price point.

Artist 15.6 Pro has been used 120% sRGB ( 85% adobe RGB color accuracy) in the device to give you the more vivid, clear and sharp color quality that also enhances the accuracy of any image.

It has greatly improved on parallax, New optical bonding process that greatly reduces parallax, because of new Technology their has No Air Gap.

Compared to the Artist 15.6, the Artist XP-Pen Artist Display Tablet 15.6 Pro features 8 fully customizable shortcut keys and 1 Red Roller Wheel which puts more customization options at your fingertips to suit your preferred work style, allowing you to capture and express your ideas easier and faster for an optimized workflow.


There are many variations of the XP-pen display tablet but below is a chart of the 3 biggest players in the lineup with each of these tablets having an additional one to two variations for whichever price point you are looking for.

Specs | XP-Pen Artist Display Tablet

22RPro 15.6 Pro Artist 12
Price $699.99 $449.99 $249.99
Dimensions 570 x 334.8 x 44.8mm 443 x 280 x 12.6mm 364.11 x 218.87 x 11.5mm
Shortcut keys 20 8 6
Turn knob or slide bar 2 Programmable turn knobs 1 Programmable turn knob Slide bar (limited programmability)
Color Gamut 88% NTSC >90% RGB 88% NTSC 120% sRGB 72% NTSC
Response Time 15 ms 14 ms 14 ms
Color Performance 98% Adobe RGB 99% Adobe RGB 94% Adobe RGB
Pen PA2 Battery-Free PA2 Battery-free P06 passive (battery-free, feels like a real pencil)
Pen tilt supported Yes (60 degrees) Yes No

Key Features | XP-Pen Artist Display Tablet

XP-pen has many features come standard on all of its pen display tablets, below is a list of the standard features that are important to consider when considering a purchase of any pen display tablet.

  • 1920 x 1080 pixel display resolution
  • 8192 pen pressure sensitivity
  • 178-degree viewing angle
  • Displays 16.7 million colors
  • Also Utilizes electromagnetic technology to register the pen
  • High contrast ratios (minimum of 700:1)
  • 5080 LPI resolution

Review of XP-pen 15.6 Pro

Then after having used the XP-pen artist 15.6 Pro for the past 2 months I can attest to the high quality that XP-pen puts into its products. The anti-glare screen feels almost like paper as you write or draw. And the fast response time with next to no parallax only adds to that. Wherever you put the pen tip is exactly where you see the line appear.

The customizable shortcut keys make it quick and easy to make the tablet as personalized as possible. It only requires a 5V power supply voltage, so it can be powered using a wall USB plug or can be run entirely from your laptop power supply. And it is also compatible with all major programs including Adobe Suite, Inkscape, Gimp, etc.

One negative is that because the pen is battery-free it does not have much weight to it, so even though it feels sturdy in its construction the weight at times feels cheaper. Also, there have been a handful of times when there has been a significant amount of lag, which admittedly could be the graphics card.

However, overall the XP-pen artist 15.6 pen display tablet has been an amazing tablet to increase my graphic design skills.


Whether you are just starting out as a student to learn or are an experienced hobbyist that wants to expand their skill set, the XP-pen artist display tablets will give you exactly what you are looking for at a fraction of the cost of a Wacom.

It offers a large variety of options to fit any budget while maintaining many of the important features even professionals look for when buying a display tablet. Any of the XP-pen displays should be given serious consideration when you are in the market for a new or upgraded model.

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