Yesterday was the best introduction video to an Apple keynote

Yesterday we had a very special keynote that completely changes Apple as a company, a traditional hardware, and software company that is also now a service company. We have summarized everything Apple presented yesterday but there is something that happened at the beginning and perhaps went unnoticed: the introduction video.

I’ve been watching Apple keynotes for many years and this video may be the one I liked most of all I’ve seen. Apple made an introduction with the aesthetics of the 70s in which the company, and its devices, was shown as an authentic film producer. A spectacular video full of winks to the past that is worth analyzing.

The video of Apple’s keynote was the best of the event

It’s funny that a simple video may seem so interesting but, at least for users outside the US, it was much better than Apple News. This is the video in question:

The beginning of the video has a very classic aesthetic in which we can see Apple as a film production company but details begin to appear soon. The first one is the command symbol used by Apple on their computers and the second is the “association with: the misfits, rebels, and troublemakers”. A phrase by Steve Jobs that means: “the misfits, the rebels and the troublemakers” and appears in the iconic Think Different ad.

Immediately afterward we see something that sounds to us, the famous announcement of Apple 1984 in which a girl runs and throws a hammer. It may be one of the most memorable and important announcements of Apple that also presented us the Macintosh. Just what we see later.

Apple keynote

After the Macintosh, we have a nod to the iPhone and the big change it meant for the phone industry. The Apple iPhone will also have an appearance in this blockbuster apple company.

Apple keynote

Now there is a reference to the number of applications we have in the App Store and all the things they are capable of and then HomePod and Apple Music appear, which are responsible for sound and music: 50 million songs in your pocket.

Later comes a clear nod to the ads of the iPod and its mythical silhouettes and the phrase “A thousand no’s for every yes”, something like “hundreds of noes for each yes”. A phrase that has already appeared in more than one Apple video.

Apple keynote

Then there is a great Apple Pencil that is responsible for having written all the stories and the director of photography, which could not be other than the well known shotoniPhone campaign. Apple Maps is responsible for the location, the production assistant had to be Siri and as an executive producer, we have Apple Pay.

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The video ends with the assurance that the whole story is based on “a garage in Los Altos”, referring to the foundation of Apple, and that it is directed by “the crazy ones”, making clear allusion to “the crazy people capable of changing the world “of the classic Think Different ad .

Apple keynote

Without a doubt, it is one of the best promotional videos of a new service that I have seen from Apple and will remain in memory when, in a few years, we look back.

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