You can now use a chroma in iMovie to change the background of the video in seconds

If you like to experiment with video editing on Apple devices, you are in luck: you can now use a chroma in iMovie to change the background of your videos easily and in just a few seconds.

With the latest update, iMovie is a little closer to applications for professionals but still maintains its essence. The tool continues showing its simplicity when it comes to making complex editions and the results are still surprising.

iMovie Chroma

What is chroma?

Once you have reached this point, and before continuing, you may need to stop and clarify your ideas: do you know what a chroma is? If you ask yourself this question, let’s explain what we are talking about. Chroma is a color key in a video that serves to replace all that area of ​​color with an image or another video. Normally you usually use green and blue, and you’ve seen it on more occasions than you think.

Surely in some documentary about movies or the extras of the DVDs that you have at home, you will have seen the actors shoot scenes on a green or blue background. In the final film that color is replaced by a magnificent battlefield, a brilliant sunset or fierce enemies. All this is achieved with the chroma and now you can do it with your iPhone or your iPad.

In iMovie, you get, of course, simply. You just have to have a video recorded on a green or blue background, add it using the “Green / blue screen” option and superimpose it with the one you want to use as the main one. It’s that simple.

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Practical advice to get a good chroma

In order for the video to have a professional result, two basic rules must be followed. The first, and perhaps the most important is not to wear clothes that are the same color as the background. If you do, that part of your body will disappear. You know, if the background is green, do not put on a green garment.


In addition, for iMovie to have no problem, the green or blue background will have to be as uniform as possible, so it is advisable to have good lighting and eliminate shadows.

Other news from iMovie

  • The update of the application has also brought us other news, which we will list below.
  • Eighty new soundtracks of genres such as pop, chill and sentimental that adjust to match the duration of the video.
  • Photos as superimpositions to create image effects within the image (PIP) and split screen.
  • Use of still images with a transparent background to use as logos or custom graphics.
  • Hide the border that surrounds images that have image effects within image and split screen.
  • Enter directly into the project editing screen when you return to iMovie from other applications.

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