You Shouldn’t Upgrade Your Pixel To Android 10

Pixel owners were thrilled when they learned that Android 10 had started to be implemented on September 3rd. Most had no problems installing the latest version of Android and soon enjoyed the revised gestures. The obscure theme of the entire system and the other new features provided with the update. Others, however, were not so fortunate. Pixel users have visited sites such as the Google Issue Tracker forum and the Pixel Phone support community forum to analyze how Android 10 broke some sensors on their phone.

For example, a Pixel 3 XL owner pointed out that after upgrading to Android 10. Features like auto-rotate, auto-brightness, active edge and double-tap to wake up didn’t work anymore. Others quickly intervened with their stories and virtually everyone played the same. Before the upgrade, everything worked well; but once the update has been installed, the mentioned features have stopped working. In addition, others have complained that their screen goes dark when making a call. And does not light up unless the call goes to the answering machine.

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If you haven’t upgraded Pixel to Android 10, you may want to stop doing it for now

Pixel owners whose phone has been affected by the update may console themselves with the fact that Google is aware of the problem. A publication on the Issue Tracker site made early this morning (3:45) by a Google. Requested additional information from interested Pixel users. The problem was discovered by users who installed Android 10 using an OTA update. And those who submitted the new version on their phone. The only way to make the sensors work right now is to degrade Android 9. Which can be a disaster for those who have never shown a factory image on their phone before. One Pixel owner claims he can get all the sensors, but the proximity sensor worked again by downloading a free version of an application called Sensor Kinetics from the Google Play Store. The only other way for Joe to work is to survive without these features until Google sends another update.

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Best Buy has already started promoting the Pixel 4

This is not a good time for bad news related to Pixel phones. Google has made it clear that it sees the next Pixel 4 series as a competitor to the top models of Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. The company increased the bet by sending a true Pixel 4 photo shortly after the release of unofficial renderings. He also published a photograph showing the sensors that will be used for his safest facial unlocking system. And published a video showing the facial unlocking and the new Motion Sense features in action. The latter uses Google’s radar-based Soili chips to allow subtle hand gestures to control the phone. And as we pointed out yesterday, Best Buy has already started promoting the Pixel 4 line even though it will not be released until next month.

It is believed that the Pixels are launched with a series of annoying problems, many of which (apart from the problem of burning the Pixel 2 XL screen) are immediately resolved by a software update. No, we’re not talking about a disaster like the BlackBerry Storm 9530. However, if Google wants to face Apple and Samsung (especially with its price), Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL have to be launched without any of the problems that plague Pixel Owners in the past. Last month, Google agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by OG Pixel owners for $7.25 million. The problem, in this case, was the failure of the phone’s microphone due to a crack in the weld used for the piece. If you haven’t updated Pixel to Android 10 yet, we recommend waiting for Google to send you a patch to fix the problem.

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