31.6-Inch Mini-LED Monitor 6K is the Future Apple Monitor?

According to Apple’s reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Cupertino’s will launch a  31.6-inch mini 6K LED monitor some time this year as a real test of mini-LED technology.

That’s considerably larger than the 27-inch iMac, and should certainly please Pro users in many industries. Kuo says that the Apple screen will have a resolution of 6K.

Apple officially abandoned the independent 87 comments, discontinuing its Thunderbolt screen and targeting users towards third-party options.

However, the movement was met with the disappointment of Pro users who rely on the perfect integration between the various Apple hardware products.

In 2017, Apple announced that it was doubling in the Pro market with a new modular Mac Pro and a new  Apple Display.

Size and resolution of the future 6K mini-LED monitor

The Apple screen will have a native resolution of 6240 × 2880 PX. This is an update of the current 5K screen that has been expanded horizontally to turn the screen into an ultra-wide panel. With the additional pixels, the resolution of the screen extends to 6K, which coincides exactly with Kuo’s claim that the screen will be 6K3K.

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Apple would also want its independent Pro monitor to match the iMac and the iMac Pro factor of existing form and DPI.

Essentially, the 27-inch iMac 5K uses a standard of 218 pixels per inch. With a resolution of 6240×2880, an Apple screen could reach that level to be 31.59 inches, which is rounded to 31.6 inches, matching the claims of Kuo.

The end result is an ultra-wide 6K3K screen with a resolution of 6240 × 2880, which measures 31.6 inches diagonally, and with a screen panel height ( 13.2 inches ) and PPI (218) equal to the 5K panel on the iMac and the iMac Pro. The width of said screen would measure 28.7 inches, which is 3.1 inches wider than the iMac Pro, even when its bevels are included.

While Kuo has not mentioned whether Apple Display will be ultra-wide or 16: 9, mathematics certainly seems to favor the former. With so many third party screens going in this direction, it should not be surprising that Apple also follows that trend. Also, if you can make the future  Apple Display perfectly complement the existing iMac and iMac Pro.

Mini-LED technology

Ming-Chi Kuo also says that Apple’s 6K screen will feature mini-LED backlight technology. This technology offers the same benefits of an OLED screen but without suffering from “burned areas”, it will make its debut in Cupertino products with that monitor, which should be launched before the end of 2019, paving the way for more Apple products with this technology, says Kuo.

Presentation and price

It is said that Apple Display will be released sometime in Q2 or Q3. This suggests that the next WWDC 2019 can receive this type of news. It does not seem presumptuous to think that Apple could announce both the 31.6-inch monitor and the modular Mac Pro during its opening speech at WWDC.

As for the price, it is difficult to know at this time what Apple could charge for this 6K monitor of 31.6 inches. The Thunderbolt screen had a price close to € 1,000, so it is expected that this new monitor mini-LED 6K of 31.6 inches has a price above € 1,000, especially when we find little competition in this area of ​​the market.

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